Night time nappy rash – Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge

We’ve been really lucky in that Erin has never really suffered from nappy rash. I have no idea how or why. We’ve never really had to use creams too much or too often on her apart from a couple of minor flare ups. However, from being about 7 months old, Erin stopped sleeping through. She’d been doing this straight from being 8 weeks old.

One of the reasons why Erin stopped sleeping through the night was due to her wet nappy. About half way through the night Erin’s nappy was as full as it could possibly be. When we changed her, her poor little bum was a bit red.

When we were given the opportunity to try Bepanthen I thought it would at least be worth a try. Unlike other creams, Bepanthen gives a breathable and transparent layer to gently protect even the most delicate skin against the causes of nappy rash. I want the best for Erin’s skin and other creams had so far being a bit too thick and sticky!

As soon as we received our tube of Bepanthen we started putting it on Erin after her bath right before bed time. Although Erin is still waking up sometimes due to a full nappy, things are now quite different. Bepanthen puts a good protective layer on Erin so, even though she wakes up wet, her skin is not sore or red. Before putting a fresh nappy back on Erin, we put Bepanthen on again. This has also make it a lot easier to get her back to sleep after changing her.

Thanks to Bepanthen, we all get a much better nights sleep now.

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10 thoughts on “Night time nappy rash – Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge”

  1. We were very fortunate not to have much in the way of nappy rash but I know loads of people who use and recommend bepanthen

  2. Bepanthen is a marvelous cream! We have used it forever on our little one and I use it on my tattoos plus cuts etc…. it’s great. It’s really good you all have a better sleep now thanks to the cream.

    Jordanne ||

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