New picture books and middle grade books from Nosy Crow March 24

New children’s books from Nosy Crow (March 2024)

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If you’ve got a little bookworm at home then you will probably always be on the lookout for new books. Nosy Crow has a great selection, released in March 2024. You’ll find a mix of books below.

Frank and Bert: The One With The Missing Biscuits (Age 2-5)

Frank and Bert The One With The Missing Biscuits

The hilarious fox and bear double act from bestseller Chris Naylor-Ballesteros is back and better than ever in a third adventure in the Nottingham Children’s Book Award winning series!

Frank and Bert are off for a picnic in the countryside. And Bert has brought a delicious surprise! But when he falls asleep, Frank can’t resist taking a peek . . . WOW! Bert has made Frank’s FAVOURITE biscuits! Surely, he won’t mind if Frank eats one . . . or two . . . or three . . .

This big-hearted story about friendship and forgiveness is guaranteed to get children giggling!

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Hen in the Bed (Age 2-5)

Hen in the Bed

A crazy, noisy twist on a favourite rhyme in a split-page novelty format.

There were ten in the bed and the speckled hen said, “Roll over! Roll over!”. . .

Bedtime is fun time for the funny animal characters in this hilarious split-page picture book. As each animal noisily tumbles out, one by one, their bed gets emptier and the mayhem in the rest of the room gets crazier. Will anyone ever get any sleep?!

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The British Museum: Around the World Colouring Book Ancient Egypt

The British Museum Around the World Colouring Book Ancient Egypt

Bring ancient Egypt to life with 20 brilliantly busy black-and-white scenes and patterns to colour – before sticking in fun photographic object stickers from the British Museum’s collection!

There’s a whole world to explore, and with this beautiful colouring series, readers can take a tour around an ancient civilisation and get creative at the same time! Aspiring artists can pick up their colouring pencils and bring the scenes and objects to life, while learning about a new place and era.

Each jam-packed black-and-white scene or pattern spread includes introductory information about different areas of ancient Egyptian life and fascinating facts about amazing real-life objects.

From a bustling ancient Egyptian marketplace to a celebratory festival on the river Nile, this book is a fantastically fun way to explore ancient history – and the world!

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Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest (Age 7-9)

Lola and Larch Fix a Fairy Forest

Lola can’t believe her luck – the rabbit she’s rescued is actually a fairy in disguise. Now she has her very own fairy! There’s just one problem. Larch, the rebellious fairy she’s rescued, is convinced that Lola is her human…

But while Larch and Lola discuss the merits of snail slime for breakfast and try to decide who should be in charge, there’s a bad fairy on the loose. Evil Euphorbia Spurge wants magic, and Larch is full of it. Soon it’s a battle of wits, wands and fairy wings as the new friends take on the wildest fairy in the woods…

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Kevin the Vampire: A Wild and Wicked Witch (Age 7-9)

Kevin the Vampire A Wild and Wicked Witch

A FANG-tastically funny adventures series, perfect for 7+ readers and fans of Amelia Fang!

If Kevin the Vampire was already beside himself with excitement at visiting the Festival of Fear, he’s now even more so. His new best friend Susie and an extremely rare draffin called Gerald have joined his family’s carnival. It’s going to be better than ever! They might even win Carnival of the Year…

But because they are running late, Kevin’s family need to take a shortcut through the perilous Wild Woods, where no one ever goes because of the extremely wicked witch who lives there. But that should be fine as long as no one gets out and no one eats anything … right?

Kevin will be at the Festival before he knows it. After all, nothing ever goes wrong for the Carnival Monstromo…

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Secrets of the Snakestone (Age 9-12)

Secrets of the Snakestone

In this breathtaking adventure, Zélie and Jules face a deadly race to solve a family mystery and a vicious crime that stretches from the jungles of Calcutta to the sewers of Paris.

Zélie is often accused of being a witch, but she doesn’t believe in magic. Until Jules climbs up from the reeking Parisian sewer and hands Zélie the golden locket he discovered there. The locket once held the magical Snakestone, and Zélie knows that if she can find the stone, she might also find her missing father.

But a dangerous secret society are equally desperate to get their hands on the Snakestone and its powers. With their lives under threat, Zélie and Jules embark on a desperate hunt for the treasure, facing strange riddles, a mysterious circus, and the miles of murky tunnels that twist beneath the ancient city above…

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Black Hole Cinema Club (Age 9-12)

Black Hole Cinema Club

A trip to the cinema will never be the same… Another edge-of-your-seat adventure from the award-winning author of Escape Room, Christopher Edge.

When Lucas meets his friends at the local cinema – nicknamed ‘The Black Hole’ – they’re excited about the movie marathon ahead. Non-stop action, blockbuster special effects and all the snacks they can eat. But as the lights go down, Lucas, Ash, Maya, Caitlin and Finn watch in disbelief as a jet-black tidal wave comes crashing out of the cinema screen and the five friends find themselves swept into an epic adventure.

Secret hideouts. Prehistoric monsters. Lost cities. Impossible missions. Being the hero of your own film should feel like fun. But as the cliffhanger scenes they’re pitched into become ever more perilous, Lucas and his friends start to wonder if these movies are really make believe. Can they save the day before the end credits roll? The fate of the world might just depend on it…

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