Selection of the best educational Yoto cards, next to a Yoto mini player and card folder

10 of the best educational Yoto Cards for kids

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Yoto’s collection of educational cards offers a treasure trove of interactive experiences designed to spark curiosity and foster a love for learning. In this post, we’ll explore the best educational Yoto cards that promise to captivate young minds while laying the foundation for a lifetime of knowledge and discovery. Whether it’s exploring the wonders of science, delving into fascinating historical events, or mastering essential math skills, Yoto’s educational cards have something to offer for every young learner.

What is a Yoto player?

Yoto has a couple of different Yoto players, the original Yoto player (3rd generation) and the Yoto mini player. The Yoto player is a portable audio player that uses story cards to play audio content, such as audio books. 

The great thing about Yoto players is that they can be used by all family members, including little kids and older kids. They are a great way to minimise screen time, and encourage children to do story time a little bit differently. 

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Yoto Cards

Yoto players work with Yoto cards, which are physical cards, roughly the size of a credit card. To play the card, you insert a Yoto card into the top, where there is a card slot provided. In this case, it would be at the top of the Yoto Mini. Once inserted, the player will begin to play the audio from the card. 

Yoto offer a really wide range of Yoto Cards, which can be purchased via the online shop on the Yoto website. You can filter the cards by things like age, creator, character or best sellers and new releases. This is a really easy way to narrow down your choices and find something suitable for the child you’re buying for. Different kind of cards include:

  • Classic stories
  • Music cards
  • Educational 
  • Make Your Own Card (aka myo cards)
  • Sleep sounds
  • Meditation

These are just a few of the types of Yoto cards available and I’m sure you’ll find stories from a lot of your and your children’s favourite authors. Sometimes a card will be singular and sometimes you’ll be able to get a pack from either the same author or of the same theme. Your children might be huge fans of Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton, where sets are available. Maybe they’ll like more specific topics like educational content or music cards. Whichever your children prefer, there’s definitely something for children of all ages. 

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The best educational Yoto cards 

Children can learn in many different ways. A great way to do something a bit different is to listen to stories on a Yoto player. Yoto offers a fantastic range of educational Yoto cards, with a wide variety of topics. You’ll find 10 of the best educational Yoto cards below:

1. The Human Body

In this adventure Otto and Missy have found themselves a bit lost, inside the Human Body! Otto is going to learn about some incredible things about the human body such as, what makes us sneeze? What are kneecaps? And, do we really have a funny bone?

These audiobooks help children learn about their environment on journey of discovery with the narrators Ben Bailey Smith (aka Doc Brown, rapper, comedian and writer) and Sophie Aldred (best known for her role as Ace in Doctor Who).

Ladybird Audio Adventures is an original series for four-to seven-year-olds; a new, entertaining and engaging way for children to learn about the world around them. These are special stories written exclusively for audio with fun sound and musical effects, perfect for listening at home, before bed and on long journeys.

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Human Body Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

2. My First Words in French

This interactive adventure is written to help young children confidently learn new language skills, while having some fun along the way. During the course of this action-packed hour children will learn simple greetings, directions and range of helpful French phrases.

They will have help from our expert guide and they will be learning some brilliant facts about France too!

This audiobook is aimed at children aged four and up, for family listening and learning and development for young minds.

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3. 1, 2, 3 Play With Me

1, 2, 3, Play with Me encourages kids to explore their imaginations and creativity as they learn to count and read numbers. The pack contains seven LEGO® DUPLO® Yoto Cards full of songs, activities, soundscapes and a story which bring letters to life in fun and engaging ways.

This audio pack can be enjoyed on its own and has also been specially designed to be enhanced by the LEGO DUPLO Number Train, sold separately.

Includes seven original audio cards:

Choo Choo Boogie
All Aboard the Number Train
Sound Explorers
Come and Count
Know that Number
One More!
Make Your Own

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4. Everything Under The Sun

How much bamboo can a giant panda eat?
Do aliens exist?
What we would do if we didn’t have a prime minister?
Why do hammerhead sharks have such strange-shaped heads?

Find out the answers to these curious questions and much, much more! Ponder where ideas come from and find out why you taste things differently when you have a cold with Michelin star chef, Heston Blumenthal. Learn about everything from how astronauts see in the dark to what the biggest dinosaur was with experts from the Natural History Museum.

Whether you read a question a day, or dip into it whenever you are feeling curious, this is a book to treasure and share all year round.

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Everything Under the Sun Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

5. Break The Mould

There are so many people in this world – 7.53 billion to be exact. But there is only one of me and one of you. It’s easy to think we are not good enough, or that our nose is too big, or wish we could be more like our friends. But the world would be different without you. You are enough just as you are.’

Sometimes it can seem like the world isn’t built for you or like you don’t belong. But why should you change who you are for the sake of others? Sinéad Burke is many things – an author, an activist, a teacher, a British Vogue cover model. She also happens to be a little person at three and a half feet tall. Reflecting on her experiences growing up, she offers a heartfelt and inspiring guide on believing in yourself and finding comfort and pride in your own skin.

From the power of being different and discovering things you love about yourself, to using your voice to be an ally and show friendship to others, it’s time to discover what makes you you and find your place in the world.

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6. Ladybird Addition and Subtraction

Ladybird Addition and Subtraction is an entertaining and engaging way for children to learn and practise their basic maths skills while having some fun along the way!

This creative and interactive audiobook is designed to help three- to six-year-olds develop basic mathematics skills working with numbers up to 20.

With games and repeatable exercises, this audiobook introduces children to number bonds and will teach them that with maths, the possibilities are endless!

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7. The Ancient Adventures Collection

Meet the Ancient Egyptians: Discover Ancient Egypt, from gods and worship to mummification! A short, funny introduction to ancient history.

Meet the Ancient Romans: Discover Ancient Rome, from gladiators to everyday life! A short, funny introduction to ancient history.

Meet the Ancient Greeks: Discover Ancient Greece, from religious ceremonies to day-to-day life! A short, funny introduction to ancient history.

Meet the Pirates: Discover the world of Pirates, from famous looters to scurvy! A short, funny introduction to ancient history.

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The Ancient Adventures Collection Yoto Cards in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

8. My First 100 Words

From to ant to bee, learning languages has never been so much fun. Children can hear the words for their favourite things (such as ‘fire engine’ and ‘rainbow’) in five languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian and English. At the same time, an accompanying image is triggered on your Yoto Player’s display to help with learning.

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9. The Solar System

Kat and Jamal are in their last year of Solar System Space Camp. Their final mission? A scavenger hunt around all eight planets. Using nine Solar System cards, kids become space cadets, joining Kat, Jamal and their trusty Transmitter as they find flags and unlock clues on each planet in our solar system.

Start your space adventure with the Sun card before exploring further afield. Switch cards to land on Mercury and learn everything there is to know about the rocky planet while searching for the flag. Then unlock your clue and head back to the Sun to carry on the mission. (Or, stay on the planet and discover a secret quiz…) What will the clues reveal? Only those who complete the mission will find out.

Produced and developed by Yoto, with astrophysicist Sarah Barker, this out-of-this-world adventure will inspire curiosity, creativity and independence in any aspiring astronaut. Now, watch out for asteroids, it’s time to enter hyperspeed!

Cards included in this pack:

  • The Solar System – The Sun
  • The Solar System – Mercury
  • The Solar System – Venus
  • The Solar System – Earth
  • The Solar System – Mars
  • The Solar System – Jupiter
  • The Solar System – Saturn
  • The Solar System – Uranus
  • The Solar System – Neptune

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10. Ladybird Audio Adventures: The Animal Kingdom

This fact-filled adventure will take your little listener on an imaginative expedition through the deepest depths of the wilderness, where they’ll meet an array of amazing animals (including some adorable babies!) from every corner of the world.

Join inventor Cassandra and her raven Missy on a wild crusade brought to life thanks to enchanting, realistic sounds that will help their imagination bloom. For every animal your child meets, Cassandra will provide them with an array of enticing facts to help them create the perfect picture in their heads. 

Ladybird Audio Adventures is an original series for 4-to 7-year-olds; a new, entertaining and engaging way for children to learn about the world around them. These are special stories written exclusively for audio with fun sound and musical effects, perfect for listening at home, before bed and on long journeys.

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Animal Kingdom Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

Free content on the Yoto app

The Yoto app offers a variety of free content, all of which might be useful for bedtime. There’s a range of interactive elements, where you can pick the right thing for your child, based on their likes and needs. 

Sleep sounds 

From the ‘my library’ screen on the Yoto app you’re able to access a whole host of free sleep sounds. These include white noise a train journey, thundery rain, gentle waves and even the Yoto sleep radio. 

Radio station

Yoto has some great radio stations available via the app, again, from the ‘my library’ screen. Stations include BBC radio, lullabies, Yoto radio and stations in other languages. 


Want to try some podcasts for children? The Yoto app is a great place to start. Titles include The Yoto Daily Podcast, Activity Quest, Armchair Adventures and CBeebies.

Join the Yoto club

If you’re someone who likes a subscription service then joining the Yoto club might be something to consider. You can pay either monthly or annually, with the annual option being slightly cheaper per month. 

Each month that you’re a member of the Yoto club you will receive 2 club credits which are added to your account. You can choose to either use these straight away on single cards you like the look of or save them for up to 12 months. You can choose cards to order from the list provided as soon as your credits are available. Available cards vary from month to month with titles such as Star Wars, cards for the holiday season and nursery rhymes.

The Yoto Club membership is ideal for those looking for great value, different stories and a range of new Yoto products each month. It’s a great way to build up your Yoto card collection.

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