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Gone are the days where you see people walking around with huge headphones on; the kind that really remind you fo the 90s and early 00s. Instead, people now want something smaller, more discreet and most definitely something without those really annoying wires. Today I want to introduce you to the xFyro hybrid ANC Earbuds.

xFyro ANC Pro features

These are not your standard earbuds that just allow you to play music or listen to podcasts on the go. The xFyro ANC Pro have so many amazing features that really make them something special:

AI-Powered Noise Cancelation: These clever earbuds have AI-powered noise cancellation. This means that they know the difference between which sounds should be cancelled out and which shouldn’t, making the user experience much better! xFyro’s AI filters the sounds you need to hear from 6000+ distinct sounds in its memory.

Toggle between ANC, AI Transparency Mode, or standard audio settings.

Bluetooth 5.0: One worry about wireless earbuds is that they won’t stay connected all the time and you’ll get some interruptions. No one wants that, especially if they’re singing along to a good song or at a good bit of a podcast or audio book. These earbuds auto-pair seamlessly from 30 ft and enjoy zero lag and loss.

Studio Quality Audio: 7mm graphene drivers for unparalleled sound, and a dual-beamforming mic for crystal-clear calling.

Ergonomic Fit: There’s nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable earbuds, especially if you wear them for quite a long time in one go. These are designed to feel like they’re not even there while you’re wearing them and they also include 3 different ear tip sizes to make sure that you get the best fit.

Life-Proof: I think we could all say that we have broken or damaged our eat or headphones in the past. They’re not the easiest things to keep safe sometimes, especially when they get thrown in a bag or left somewhere in the house. The xFyro ANC Pro have some great features such as IPX5 water resistance, shockproof, and sealed for protection from the elements, all to help keep them safe and ensure they last a long time.


How long will they last?

While wired headphones can offer unlimited playback in terms of battery life, because they don’t need one, they aren’t quite as versatile as earbuds. A lot of people worry about battery life of wireless options and them running out in the middle of a journey however, there’s no need to worry about this with the xFyro ANC Pro earbuds.

Each charge of the xFyro ANC Pro earbuds holds 10 hours of playback and the case also holds a massive 90 hours of charge. This means that you get a whopping 100 hours of battery life with these earbuds and it would be hard to have them run out before you need to charge them again.

As the case holds 90 hours worth of charge you can pop the earbuds inside when you’re not using them and they will automatically start recharging. There’s no need to worry about wires and plugs while you’re on the move and they’ll then be ready to use again when you need them. Perfect for long train journeys or flights!

Don’t forget that you will need to keep the case charged too though!


Whether you’d use them for work, chilling out, travelling or working out, the xFyro ANC earbuds can offer something to everyone. You can learn more about xFyro ANC earbuds and get your own at

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