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The Perfect Family Holiday: UK Or Abroad?

Up until October of this year, I had never been on a proper holiday in the UK. I think a lot of this is down to not being able to drive as a lot of places I would want to go are not easily accessible by train or the journey would take a VERY long time. For example, I would love to go to places like Cornwall, Brighton, Newquay and to rent a cute little cottage in the middle of nowhere. Without being able to drive, it sometimes seems that holidays abroad are easier and I guess that’s probably why I have been to plenty of amazing places overseas. So, UK Or Abroad?


Although I have been to quite a few places abroad, I have had very mixed experiences. My very first holiday was to Benidorm when I was 18 and since then I have been to places like Rome, Paris, New York, Florida… just to name a few.

Something that I love about holidays abroad is that you get to see a completely different way of life. I used to love a city break and to discover somewhere completely different to where we live. Although I might not have loved Rome or Paris, for various reasons, I still loved exploring and see the way that other people live. City breaks can be quite exhausting but there are so many amazing cities and so much to see!

The Perfect Family Holiday: UK Or Abroad?
Paris 2014

Since going to Orlando in 2013 to get married I realised that I do actually like laying by a pool and relaxing. I never thought that would be me but after years of being so busy and tired, I do need a real break and to relax. Our next holiday booked is for 7 nights in Majorca in April and we’ve gone All Inclusive. I have never had a holiday like this in my life. However, I am so excited it’s unbelievable. Now, we have Erin to think about as well as me and John and our needs have really changed compared with a couple of years ago.

Disney Orlando 2013
Disney Orlando 2013

Going on a holiday abroad now could mean a real adventure or it could mean a week of relaxation, fun and loads of food not to mention some warmer weather!


In October we went on our first family holiday to Center Parcs Elveden Forest. I had always heard great things about Center Parcs but for whatever reason, just never chose it over going abroad. Erin was 22 months old when we went and I just wasn’t ready to attempt to take her on a plane without seeing what she’d be like on holiday. Luckily, Elveden Forest is only about an hour and a half away from us by train and super easy to get to so the not driving wasn’t really a problem here.

The Perfect Family Holiday: UK Or Abroad?
Center Parcs, 2017

Erin had a blast on holiday at Center Parcs and we did the whole holiday on a budget. Our lodge cost £359 for a Monday to Friday break which was in term time and this was for 4 adults and Erin. We then spent about £200 on food while we were there but we could have eaten at our lodge a lot more and saved more money there. We also booked a few activities online but paid for these before our holiday.

I thoroughly enjoyed our UK break and I was actually surprised at how much I immediately wanted to go back. I would have booked another holiday the second I got home had I been able to afford it.


I don’t want to cheat here and not pick one of the options. It’s such a hard choice though because each option has so much to offer. However, right now I would definitely choose a UK break if I had to pick either one. This is mostly down to Erin’s age though I think. We haven’t yet been abroad with her and I know how much she loved the animals and freedom at Center Parcs. In a couple of years, my answer might be different!

What would you choose: UK Or Abroad?


The Perfect Family Holiday: UK Or Abroad?

11 thoughts on “The Perfect Family Holiday: UK Or Abroad?”

  1. Hi.

    I love the idea of choosing just one destination, UK or abroad. Your right abroad holidays are completely different with children.

    I think I would choose UK and go to Devon. A muched loved family holiday spot.

    Nonetheless, a little holiday aboard once my little ones are a bit older would be nice.

    Jessica Anne (#4)

  2. I would have to say abroad for sure! I’m not one for cold weather so it doesn’t help I live in Scotland haha. My little one is such a lover of the sea so I think that helps with my choice as Well, seeing him on holiday abroad is so heart warming because he just loves it. I do see the appeal of a UK break though, I’ve only done a few but I love them, however abroad will always have my heart.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  3. I want to go to Centre Parcs especially as it’s so close by. I think my daughter would love it. We have Disneyland on our list of places to visit too. But we’ve only ever holidayed in the UK.

  4. I’m from Germany but grew up in the UK. When I was little, we would alternate between trips to Germany to visit family, and visiting some new place in Scotland e.g. the Orkneys, Mull, Iona, Skye, the Highlands.

  5. I love going on holiday abroad and experiencing the different cultures. But with young children, I find the UK easier, just the basics as getting everything in the baggage allowance for abroad is tricky. We’ve not been to Center Parcs yet, but I so love holidays in Cornwall.

  6. I have to admit I’d choose abroad every time, even now despite us living abroad. While I do enjoy UK breaks, there’s a whole world out there to explore and we have never let having our son stop us seeing more of it. As long as we can afford it, we’ll keep travelling abroad with him x

  7. We love to mix things up and have a few UK breaks a year and also try to get away for our main holiday abroad and usually a city break or two abroad too. My boys absolutely love the adventure of flying and visiting new countries although I completely agree with you re: Center Parcs, they are perfect for family breaks and so convenient too with everything within easy reach;)

  8. I would love to go on holiday abroad with the family somewhere close but the cost is too high. I think when we eventually can afford one it will be in the UK

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