Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine Review

Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine Review & Giveaway

As a busy parent, there are things I hate spending my time doing and one of the biggest is laundry. There might only be me, John and Erin in the house but we get through at least one load a day normally. I don’t even know where it all comes from really. Our washing machine was one of the cheapest on the market as we bought it the week we moved into our house using vouchers we received as wedding presents. It was never anything special and it made one hell of a row. A lot of the time we had to close the kitchen door because we couldn’t hear each other speak over the sound. So, when Beko got in touch to see if we wanted to review one of their new machines with a 28 minute cycle, I near enough jumped around with excitement. I chose the Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine.

We’re not the most technical family but plumbing in the washing machine was really easy and it only took John about 10 minutes. I was a bit like an excited child at Christmas, pacing around waiting for it to be done so I could have a bit of a play and get the first load going.

Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine

The washing machine we chose holds 9kg so it’s plenty big enough for our family. Our old washing machine wasn’t quite big enough for us at 7kg so the extra space is really a massive help. Not only can we put loads more clothes in on one wash but the machine has an amazing 28 minute cycle called ‘Daily Quick.’ Some clothes just don’t need really long washes so this cycle is absolutely perfect for that and also things like towels or bedding.

Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine

The Beko Freestanding 9kg Washing Machine has an A+++ energy rating and also has ProSmart™ Inverter Motor technology which means a quieter wash and also helps to save more money on energy bills. I really love how Beko have thought about energy usage on all levels and have come up with some really amazing machines that are powerful at the same time.

Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine

Earlier I mentioned our old machine that was incredibly loud. Well, I could not be more impressed with how quiet this model, is. On the day we got the washing machine I used it twice and I actually forgot it was on due to how quiet it is. I’m sure my neighbours are going to be pleased about there being less noise coming from our kitchen!

This washing machine has loads of different cycle options and they’re all clearly laid out and easy to choose from. So many washing machines come with a user manual which lists all of the cycles and their running times but that usually gets shoved in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about. With this machine, once you have chosen a cycle the LED display will tell you how long it lasts, the temperature of the cycle and also the spin speed. Nothing has been left out on this washing machine!

Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine

As you can probably tell, I am really impressed with our new washing machine. The machine I chose is perfect for the size of our family and suits our needs so well. Come back in a couple of weeks to see how we’re getting on with the Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine and what I’ve been getting up to with the time I’ve saved!

The Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine comes in white, black and silver and retails at £399.

Beko are giving one lucky reader the chance to win any machine of their choice with a 28 minute cycle!

(Ends 14/12 – UK only)

Win a Beko Washing Machine with a 28 minute cycle!

Disclaimer: We were sent this product for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine Review

249 thoughts on “Beko 9kg Freestanding Washing Machine Review & Giveaway”

  1. I would go swimming, which is something I loved to do, and don’t make the time for myself any more. With the extra time I can have that special me time.

  2. I’d spend more time doing messy activities with my 3 and 7 year olds as I’d know I could just pop the clothes straight in my shiny new BEKO! They love painting and clay modelling etc.

  3. I’d like to win this Beko washing machine for my mum and dad so it would be them with more free time which would probably mean I could have a bit more babysitting for my little ones! Hahaha!

  4. Might get around to sorting out the rest of the house, when we moved in we had a three month old baby and I was suffering with bad hips. Now back working 6 days a week, I need all the time I can get!

  5. mother of three grandmother of six and wife of one i do not have a lot of free time if i did win my free time would be spent gazing at this beautiful washing machine wondering why i did not get one

  6. Do you know how much stuff I could get done if I won a new washer? LOADS! hahaha! I would be able to focus more on my work!

  7. probably should say some extra housework, but working full time I would love the chance to spend an hour in the bath with my book (preferably undisturbed by children needing the loo!)

  8. I have washing machine envy. We use cloth nappies so an efficient machine is very important. I have been hoping that our current cheap one would die soon so I can upgrade hahahaha

  9. I would dance my way through the kitchen and jig around the hall. I would be able to sort our Christmas time and know my washing is doing just fine.

  10. If you won a brand new washing machine, what would you do with all the free time you’ll have? aahh that would be telling ha ha

  11. Life is very full on at the mo. I would use any extra time to catch up on stuff, and also, perhaps to read, or play a computer game 🙂

  12. I have been trying to start a new blog on ghosts etc for ages now so I would love some time to concentrate on that.

  13. First I would jump with joy, as my washing machine has just broken down. If I won a new one, with my spare time I would enter more comps.

  14. I would have more free time to put my feet up and relax which I don’t get much time to do generally! I have 6 children so my washing mound is sky high – a washing machine with a 28 minute cycle sounds absolutely fabulous – a large kg drum would also be a massive help! My washing machine is ancient and I feel like I am permanently washing with my large brood! What a cracking prize! I have all my fingers crossed! Thank you! 🙂

  15. I would train to be a Ninja Warrior and move through the streets stealthily in disguise doing good before coming home to make the tea and put on another load. No one would suspect a thing.

  16. I would read all the books I have always wanted to read and also concentrate on my interior design course and maybe learn a language, I have always wanted to speak Italian.

  17. Wow that looks like a fab washing machine. 29mins wow.. my quickest is 45mins and my machine is on its last legs after serving us for 13 years!!

  18. Lol I still wouldn’t have free time but this would come in so handy. Ours started making some funny noises a couple of days ago so I’m guessing it’s waiting for a few days before Christmas before packing in

  19. My daughter is 9 months old tomorrow and constantly on the move pulling herself to standing up, I would have more time to chase her around as well as spending time with her 13 year old brother and 5 year old sister xxx

  20. A great opportunity to spend more time with my son who has autism and loves plenty of attention. This would make both our lives even better.

  21. For me it would be more time to do my favourite thing which is reading books with a nice glass of wine.

  22. I’d like to think that i would relax, either by myself or with my family. But in reality i expect i would still be doing chores!

  23. I have never understood why washing cycles are so long, whenever I hand wash, yes I do occasionally, shock horror, it takes minutes! So a washing machine with shorter cycles is very appealing!

  24. My three children keep me busy especially now my youngest has just started crawling. I would spend even more time getting down on the floor and playing with her 🙂

  25. I’d just have to watch it mesmerised at first! 9 kg would be fabulous as there’s 5 of us & 4 dog’s so to reduce wash loads would be amazing

  26. I would use this new found free time … gobsmacked that I actually had this new found free time.. then I think I would try & get more creative, cooking more ‘from scratch’ toddler friendly recipes from the baby cook books I hardly use 🙁 ..and dare I say it; The odd nap here and there??..if toddler K lets me that is lol 😀

  27. Definitely spending more time with the family and just enjoying their company instead of rushing around with daily cleaning etc., I’ve also got to look after mum because she needs constant care, so a amazing washer would help big time! Thank you, this is such a amazing giveaway x

  28. I work and volunteer in my daughters school so I would really love to spend more time with my children. Winning a Beko washing machine really would be a dream come true <3
    Merry Christmas xxx

  29. Cycling, which given how muddy it is at the moment, would mean the washing machine would be getting a lot of use.

  30. I am currently studying at uni to become a nurse, so finally get round to those assignments instead of clearing up and tidying up after my partner and our son! (my nickname is cinders!! ha!)

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