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Personalised jewellery from Lily Blanche

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When it comes to jewellery I’m really very picky about what I wear. I don’t tend to wear costume jewellery and I like the pieces I do wear to have a classic kind of feel to them. I recently discovered Lily Blanche, who sell some really beautiful personalised jewellery.

About Lily Blanche

Lily Blanche has a really wonderful story behind it; the designer, the company and the inspiration. I think it’s best said by Gillian, the designer herself!

The Lily Blanche story beings on the windswept Island of Skye in the Inner Hebrides, where I spent childhood holidays with my grandmother, Lily Blanche Sheridan. It was here, playing on the shore of the loch, opposite my grandmother’s white-washed croft, that I first came across real pearls washed up on the rocks. And my imagination was fired.

My grandmother encouraged and inspired my creativity. She is the motivation behind everything we do here in the Lily Blanche Studio. Many of our designs are inspired by the pieces in her jewel box.

Lily Blanche About Us page
Lily Blanche delivery box

Lily Blanche offers a really wide variety of pieces from necklaces, to lockets, to rings and bracelets so choosing my favourites was quite difficult. I must have spent a really long time on the website going through each of the different categories to find something that was perfect for me.

Lily Blanche wrapping

In the end, I chose two quite different pieces of jewellery; a birthstone necklace and a pearl bracelet. When they arrived, the packaging was really very beautiful and with a personal touch to it. The scented paper was special and different and it really made me think about how much care Lily Blanche puts into it’s packages and how it cares for the customers.

Lily Blanche birthstone necklace

The first piece that I chose was a birthstone necklace. This particular piece of jewellery obviously comes in various different styles due to there being multiple options for the birthstone. I was born in March so I went for the Aqua Chalcedony charm necklace.

You can choose from either a gold or silver chain for this necklace and there are matching items available as well. I prefer a slightly longer necklace so I was glad to see that there was options available for different length chains. You can choose from 14″ or 18″ in the regular price or choose to pay more for either a 24″ or 30″ chain. I chose an 18″ chain and I’m really happy with where it sits.

Lily Blanche birthstone necklace

Another really great option for this necklace is to have an initial charm added to it. These cost an additional £15 but I really loved how it looked and it’s what drew me to this necklace instead of others. I love how personal this necklace is to me, with the birthstone and the initial of my name.

Lily Blanche pearl bracelet

Next up I chose a twist pearl bracelet. My Mum had a pearl necklace and I always loved it, so much that I actually wore it when I got married. As soon as I saw Lily Blanche’s pearl collection I knew that I would be choosing something from it.

The twist pearl bracelet comes in two colour options; ivory or champagne coloured pearls. I went for the classic ivory option. This bracelet comes in three different sizes as standard; small, medium or large but you can also pay extra to have it made to the size you want.

Lily Blanche twisted pearl bracelet

I chose the large size bracelet because I knew the medium would be a bit tight. I have to be honest, the large is just ever so slightly too big for me and it hangs a little bit lower than I would like. However, this is obviously better than the smaller size being too tight. The chain on this bracelet is quite different, which is why I chose it (apart from the pearls of course). The chain is made from twisted silver ropes and really looks stunning next to the pearls.

I’m so happy with my new jewellery from Lily Blanche. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy other pieces from Lily Blanche and it’s definitely somewhere I would consider when thinking of buying gifts for people.


Personalised jewellery from Lily Blanche

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