A rainy day visit to the circus

A rainy day visit to the circus

Over the weekend we had a family day out planned, with a trip to Cromer to see Circus Cortex. We hadn’t planned on the weather being absolutely terrible though! I was hoping for a lovely sunny day by the sea but instead what we actually got was a lot of rain.

Erin at the train station in yellow Lighthouse rain coat

I’d already picked Erin’s clothes out the evening before so she was absolutely set on wearing them, even though it was raining. Luckily, we’d just got Erin a new raincoat from Lighthouse Clothing and it was the perfect day for her to wear it for the first time.

Erin on the train wearing yellow raincoat

In the summer, it can be hard to decide whether or not to take a coat out with you because you don’t want to end up being too warm. This particular coat is perfect for Erin as it’s lovely and lightweight as well as being waterproof. The soft rubberised outer fabric means that the coat can be folded easily too so it can be popped in a bag without taking up lots of room.

Erin outside Circus Cortex

On our way to Cromer, as well as all the way through lunch (Morrisons has kids eat free), the rain didn’t really stop but we were lucky that it had mostly stopped for our walk to the circus. Me and Erin saw Circus Cortex last year and absolutely loved it so we couldn’t wait to go again this year.

Erin with popcorn at the circus

Before the show, performers sell a whole range of things from popcorn and drinks to magic sticks and boomerangs. Erin couldn’t wait to get some popcorn and I think she’d nearly finished the whole tub before the show started.

Circus Cortex Warriors

This year’s show was called Warriors and was so much fun. Circus Cortex has a whole variety of performers from someone spinning plates, exciting aerialists and of course, the circus clown. Erin was transfixed throughout and was clapping and cheering as loudly as she could. Not only were the performances great but we absolutely love the warrior costumes! Whoever designed these did a fantastic job.

Erin with circus performers

At the end of the show Erin asked if she could get a photo, just like she did last year. When we went over to ask the lady said she remembered us from last year which was really lovely. Erin was absolutely made up that someone remembered her. Circus Cortex is such a family friendly show and all of the performers are lovely.

Erin wearing Lighthouse flamingo short sleeved t shirt

Although we’d started the day with rain, the weather had cleared a bit for our journey home from Cromer. Erin was happy skipping down the street and singing all the way to the train station. Erin had been so excited to wear her new flamingo t-shirt, another from Lighthouse Clothing so it was nice for her to be able to get her coat off for a while!


A rainy day visit to the circus

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