Preparing For Easter Fun With Kids

Being a kid at Easter is great. You get armfuls of chocolate Easter eggs, delicious treats and often gifts or money. But Easter also means a long half-term holiday, which leaves parents questioning: Just what can you do when the sugar hype has worn off?

Here are some fun Easter-themed ways to keep your children happy during the upcoming school holiday.

Decorate and Paint

Decorating eggs is an old tradition that dates back hundreds of years. It’s also a great way to spend a fun few hours with your kids! You could paint patterns, emojis, or their favourite characters. Or get creative and add googly eyes, use wool to make hair, make them sparkle with glitter, or paint a toilet roll tube to give them a body.

Egg and Spoon Race

This is a classic game that you probably played at school. But just because it’s classic, doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun! Plan an egg and spoon race and get your whole family involved with an Easter sport’s day in the garden. Make it more challenging by adding obstacles, creating a relay race, or add a delicious twist by using Thorntons chocolate Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

Is there anything better at Easter than an egg hunt? To make yours perfect, draw a diagram or write a list of where they’re hidden – very handy if some are left behind – and use different colours for each child, so that everyone gets the same amount. To boost excitement levels, turn it into a treasure hunt and provide them with clues.

Egg-ercise Challenge

With so much chocolate around at Easter, it’s important that your children are active, too. That’s why this next idea is egg-cellent. Place challenges inside plastic eggs to get your kids moving. This could include walking like a crab, doing a handstand, or for Easter-themed fun, bunny hops. Make it into a contest to really get your kids to embrace the challenge.

Fun Easter Crafts

Finally, Easter is a great opportunity to get crafty. There’s loads of Easter things you can make with your kids, that will help to fill those long afternoons. You could create Easter necklaces with beads, sew some sock bunnies, make pompom chicks, design an Easter wreath from colourful paper eggs, decorate their room with bunny bunting, or make Easter baskets – perfect for their egg hunt!

Coming up with new activities during school holidays can be a challenge. Hopefully these ideas will ensure that your little ones stay entertained this Easter.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. 


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