A short guide on the history of Easter eggs

AD | Collaborative post One of the most important occasions that Christians all around the world celebrate is Easter. They remember the crucifixion of Jesus and celebrate the resurrection three days after.  That said, we’re here to understand how eggs have become such a prominent part of the Easter celebrations.  The history of these eggs originate from long before Christianity; a rich history that makes this occasion more interesting, we’re here to tell you how we came from that to chocolate Easter eggs.  Let’s get started! Eggs As A Symbol: Pagan Roots  Since ancient times,

How we spent the Easter holidays

At the beginning of last year I had made some amazing plans for these Easter holidays. We can never get away during the February half term due to John’s job so I always try to make sure we do something fun over Easter. We had been due to go to London for a few nights, a trip rearranged from October 2020. However, due to restrictions this obviously wasn’t possible and we now have that trip moved to near the end of August. I’ll have to keep my fingers crossed about that one happening. Luckily, although

Alternative gift ideas for Easter

AD | Post contains gifted items and affiliate links (marked with *) Usually, I think a lot of us would be looking for fun days out for Easter, or planning Easter egg hunts, but sadly this year is looking very different. With that in mind, I wanted to share some alternative gift ideas for Easter this year, if you’re looking for something different to an Easter egg! Christmas seems to get the great traditions like building gingerbread houses but I’ve found a fab alternative for Easter. Making the Cadbury Dairy Milk Easter Cottage Kit would

How We Spent The Easter Holidays

I remember dreading February half term. I wasn’t prepared and I didn’t have anything planned and I was worried about how I would keep Erin entertained for a week. I wasn’t nearly as worried about the Easter holidays though as it was jam packed and we ended up doing loads. Here’s our we spent the Easter holidays: A quiet start Knowing that we had a lot of plans for most of the Easter holidays I tried to keep the beginning of the first week as quiet and chilled out as possible. Erin has her usual

Erin’s First Easter Egg Hunt

This year Erin is 3 and really, it’s the first year that she’s been any kind of excited about Easter. I think going to nursery, talking about Easter and doing activities about Easter have really helped to pique her interest. In previous years, we haven’t really done anything for Easter apart from buying Erin a few treats or eggs. This year thought we wanted to do something a bit more special and make a bigger deal of it. This year was Erin’s first Easter Egg hunt! I really would have liked to have set the

Last Minute Easter Treats For Adults

AD | Gifted items When you are a family with young children Easter can sometimes end up being taken over by what they’ll be getting or what they’ll be doing. I don’t see why adults should miss out on all of the fun and delicious treats. Easter is this weekend but there’s still plenty of time to treat yourself, or someone else, so today I have a few great options to show you. First up is this stunning Belgian Milk Chocolate Egg With Discovery Chocolates from Lir Chocolates. The egg has been hand decorated with