B-Sensible sheets and pillowcases

Preparing For Nappy Free Nights With B-Sensible

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Erin has been potty trained for a good few months and she’s at the stage where she is 99% free from any accidents now. However, she is still wearing nappies at night time as it’s quite unpredictable whether she will wake up dry or not. We have been thinking about preparing for nappy free nights for a little while now and will be taking steps to achieve this soon such as cutting down milk before bed.

One thing that I was a bit worried about though was getting a mattress protector. I don’t know why but a lot of what I found online just looked horrible or like those puppy training pads for when they wee on the floor. Erin wriggles about so much in bed and I knew that she would hate something extra just laying on top of her sheet, or even underneath it. I was so happy when I discovered B-Sensible though as it seemed their products would be everything I had been looking for.

B-Sensible offer a range of 2 in 1 bedding products that are both breathable and waterproof. Along with their 2 in 1 bed sheets for adult beds, they also sell sheets for cots, cot beds and toddler beds. Finding the right size for a toddler bed had been something I’d struggled with when looking at other brands so I was really happy to see a range of sizes from B-Sensible.

We were kindly sent 2 bed sheets and 2 pillowcase protectors for Erin and we chose a classic white set and beige as this seemed to match the colour of Erin’s bedroom really well. There are quite a lot of colours available though such as lilac, pink and grey so there should be something to match most decors.

B-Sensible sheets and pillowcases

Sometimes, no matter what size a product says it is, it might not fit as well as you think it will. The B-Sensible sheet, which was the 70x140cm size, fits Erin’s toddler bed perfectly. The edges of the sheet are made from a different material to the main part of the sheet and it fits around the sides, and underneath slightly really well. I also found that there was a bit less fighting to get this sheet on the mattress compared with our old sheet. I don’t really know why that is but I assume it’s to do with the material and the elasticity. I really liked that there was no loose edges on the sides of the mattress because knowing Erin, this would have distracted her from sleeping!

B-Sensible bed sheet

It was really hard to take a half decent photo of this but the underside of the sheet is where the waterproof material is. Even though the underside of the sheet has a sort of plastic film to it, you cannot feel this at all when laying on the sheet (yes, I tested this myself). It also doesn’t make a rustling noise of any kind if you move around on the sheet. This was really quite important to me as Erin moves around so much at night and I didn’t want it to wake her up.

B-Sensible sheet underside

Although we aren’t nappy free with Erin yet, I feel so comfortable knowing that nothing is getting through this sheet on to the mattress. We’re going to be trying nap times without a nappy before night time so be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels for updates on how Erin is getting on!

B-Sensible sheets and pillowcases

Along with bed sheets we also have matching pillowcases, which are also waterproof and breathable. Something a bit different about this pillowcase is that it zips closed, instead of having the traditional fold inside. Erin is a pain for undoing this fold and sticking her hands inside the pillowcase while she’s asleep so I really liked this feature. I also really like that that pillowcase is waterproof because like me, Erin has a tendency to drool sometimes. Now, Erin’s pillow will be protected from drool or any other spillages that might happen!

B-Sensible sheets and pillowcases

Erin has what I assume is a standard pillow for infants/ toddlers as we bought it with her toddler bed duvet. The B-Sensible pillowcase is much too big for Erin’s pillow and we have had to fold it under as you can see from the picture below. This is really my only negative about either of the B-Sensible products that we have. However, Erin doesn’t really need a child specific pillow now particularly so I might just buy her a new pillow so it fits the case as she’s due a new one soon anyway.

B-Sensible pillowcase

Apart from the one small niggle with the pillowcase, I am really impressed so far with the B-Sensible bedding. Both the sheet and pillowcase are really soft and comfortable to lay on so now I’m a bit jealous that Erin has got much nicer bedding than me and John!

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