Review: Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Cream

I take Erin to quite a lot of different baby classes (4 days a week) and I hear a lot of recommendations for all kinds of different things from my mum friends. One woman in particular has been raving about Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Cream so I finally decided to try it with Erin. We haven’t ever really gotten into baby massage but I thought I’d give it a go with her after her bath and before bedtime.

Johnson’s have a whole range of bedtime products designed to help calm and relax babies. Erin absolutely loves having her bath before bed but screams so much as soon as she gets out. It has taken a lot of work to try to calm her down before so I figured this cream was worth a shot.

Johnson’s isn’t the cheapest of brands when it comes to lotions and potions for babies. They’re far more expensive than any supermarket own brand and I have never really understood why. A 250ml tub of this cream will set you back around £2.50 at full price but I managed to get it on offer at Asda a while back for only £1.25. I bought a few tubs just in case I liked it and if I didn’t then I knew someone who would have the extras from me.

The tub this product comes in is actually really nice. The lid of the tub doesn’t actually look like the one in the picture Ciao use any more. Instead, the lid is a lovely lilac colour with a darker purple sticker in the middle. The lid gives the name of the brand, product and a description of what the product does. My only real niggle with the tub is that it is actually a tub. With a baby just out of the bath, a screw top lid is not ideal and it would be a lot easier to have this in a squeezy bottle or one with a pump at the top.

The cream is really thick and, well, creamy. Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Cream feels quite luxurious which for a baby product, I was not expecting at all. The cream feels a much better quality than some of the products I have for myself. Not only does the cream feel great but it smells fantastic. Johnson’s use a patented blend of relaxing aromas designed to help towards a calm child at bedtime. From the ingredients list though (see bottom of review) I can’t really tell what the nice smell is but regardless, it’s fantastic and I love it.

When getting ready to massage this into your child’s skin I would advise rubbing it into your hands first to warm it up a bit. We keep this in our bathroom which is quite warm but the cream comes out of the tub really cold. Erin did not like it at all the first time around. The cream absorbs into the skin really well when applied and it doesn’t take much massaging in at all, which I’m sure Erin is thankful for. She tolerates being massaged for a couple of minutes at a time but not for much longer. I don’t really think she realises that this smells nice. Instead, she’s more bothered about the bottle she knows follows bath time.

I don’t really think it has helped with keeping Erin calmer or anything like that at bedtime. Maybe this is because we don’t use enough of it. Maybe we don’t use enough of the Bedtime products like Johnson’s suggest you do for a 3 step bedtime routine. Erin isn’t particularly bad at bedtime anyway so maybe that’s why.

While Erin may not overly like this cream, I absolutely love it. I’m sure she will grow to like it more as she gets older but in the mean time I will use it for myself because I like the smell so much. I remember having a cuddle with her the other morning and I could still smell this on her which was an absolutely wonderful thing.

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