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Normally I end up lugging around a pretty big changing bag for Erin. To start with I wanted to be that mum that was prepared for absolutely anything. The bag had multiple changes of clothes, whole packs of nappies and so many other things I really didn’t need for going to a baby yoga class 5 minutes away from home.

I had been looking for a smaller alternative for quite some time now and the woman who runs my baby sensory class showed me what she uses for her daughter. The bag comes from Skip Hop, a company who make a variety of items for children such as bags and plates etc. They come in the form of really cute animals which is what made me want to look at this brand in the first place.

After a LOT of looking, I finally decided on the Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Fox. I knew this was the size I wanted, instead of the regular backpack because I’d made sure to ask my friend which one I needed. The lunchie bags vary in price on Amazon depending on which animal you pick. The fox was £14.

The bag comes in the design of a fox which you could probably guess by the name of the review! We have quite a lot of fox items but this is by far one of my favourites. The bag is bright red in colour with the front being the foxes face. The bag has tartan ears and the zip has a fluffy fox tail attached to make it easier to use. The bag also has a handle on the very top of the bag but this is dual purpose. Not only can you carry the bag around by it but the handle has a clip on it so you can attach it to a pram or where ever you want really. The bag is so bright and eye-catching. I would definitely want to know where someone got this from had I seen it attached to their pram.

This bag is roughly 23cm high, 19cm wide and 8cm deep so there is plenty of room inside it. Skip Hop say that this bag should fit inside a sandwich, apple and drink box but there is room for a lot more than that! The right hand side compartment is the deepest and fits in a hell of a lot. My bag holds a change of clothes, full pack of baby wipes, a couple of nappies, a muslin cloth and a whole pack of nappy bags. I could still fit something else in too I think. On the left hand side there is a mesh covered compartment where you can store thin items. I think I’ll put things like Erin’s medicine in like her Gaviscon and teething gel and granules so that they’re all together.

The only downside to this bag really is that there is nowhere for a drink bottle. As a lunch bag I would think that a side compartment on the outside for a bottle would be pretty perfect.

Although not designed as a changing bag, I love that this is what I use it for. It’s so much more interesting than the boring ‘mum’ bags. Okay, it doesn’t fit in enough for say a day out in the city but for being out and about in town for an hour or so, it’s absolutely perfect. I would quite happily buy different version of this bag for when Erin is old enough to have an opinion on what she’d like for herself. I’d also use it for the intended use of a lunch box eventually.

10 thoughts on “Review: Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie Fox”

  1. Love the fox design, but I agree with you. It would’ve been perfect if a drink bottle could fit. Looks really cute though 🙂

  2. I love skip hop. I bought a lot of their things when j was in Australia this year. Such a cute design x

  3. These are so, so adorable! I really love the designs and they’re so great for taking about with you. x

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