Rodent Infestation In Your Home How To Spot Them and 4 Control Tips

Rodent Infestation In Your Home: How To Spot Them and 4 Control Tips

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You might have noticed unusual signs of activity in your home like strange noises at night, droppings, and gnaw marks. This might all point to one thing, rodent invasion. 

Though this might be scary for you and your home, you can find ways to treat this situation and protect your home from future invasions. Below are methods to pot rodent invasions and some control tips you can use. 

Let’s begin.

How To Know When Rodents Invade Your Home 

Rats and mice are nocturnal and are usually more active at night. So an invasion can occur before you spot a rat or mice. So you need to be aware of the signs of spotting the presence of rats and mice in your home. When you find an Invasion, you need to contact your local rodent control to help with the invasion. 

But before then, you need to know how to spot them. The ways to do these can include:

  • Spotting live or dead rats. 
  • Spotting droppings, especially around pets or human foods or around or in trash areas.
  • Gnawing evidence of structural woods or wires.
  • Piled nesting materials or nests found in hidden areas.
  • Noise, like scratching sounds from places in your home during the night.
  • Smudge marks along your home walls and rodent hairs found in foods, nests, or along paths. 
  • Burrow signs around your yard, outbuildings, or under your home.

Control Tips 

When you find out your home is invaded by these pests, there are several control tips that you undergo. Let’s find out some of them.

  • Inspect your home

The first control step to prevent their invasion is to perform a full home inspection (booth indoors and outdoor areas). This will help you identify where their activities occur and their proximity to commonly used locations. Find out if what you leave behind attracts them.

  • Perform clean-ups

Next, you need to work on the areas you have found. Clean these places, and remove all rubbish, debris, and leftover waste that can attract mice or rats to take refuge in your home. Additionally, ensure you remove all pet foods left outside or fallen fruits and tidy all remains from outdoor activities.

  • Ban entry

After tidying our home, you should search for access points and ensure they are sealed. Additionally, trim down shrubs and trees so they have distance from your walls, rooftops, and vents (at least one meter). Finally, you can add mesh over crevices, holes, vents, and cracks. 

  • Use rodents traps 

When prevention methods don’t work, you can use traps to get rid of them. Unfortunately, snap traps can seriously injure and even kill them. 

There are also other traps that you can use to humanely remove them from your house, such as traps having doors that snap shut when they trigger the baits or traps with sticky substances that ensure they are unable to escape. 

  • Get professional help 

The control tips above might be effective only when there are few rodents. But, when you notice evidence of their invasions in your house, then using the above tips might not be enough. A single pregnant rat can lead to an invasion, and traps won’t get them all, so you should seek assistance from a pest control company when this becomes the case. 

A professional has all the equipment, skills, and knowledge to prevent invasions. They are swift and standard beyond the above DIY tips.

That’s A Wrap 

Many households suffer from mice problems every year. These pests dirty your home and eat your food when they enter your house. 

This is why you must know how to prevent them from being an issue in the first place. The above control tips will help you do that; however, it is most advisable to get professional help to completely eliminate the infestation you face.

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