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Should you buy a Portable Air Conditioner?

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Portable Air Conditioners are not often considered to be essential pieces of technology in UK homes. But even though extremely hot days are few and far between, when the height of summer hits most of our homes are unequipped to help us stay comfortable. 

But it isn’t just the heat, humid and muggy days in the summer are some of the most uncomfortable weather conditions for us brits making it harder to sleep, work or relax in our homes and having a desk or pedestal fan in the corner of the room sometimes just won’t cut it. 

Portable Air Conditioners like the ones supplied by Airconcentre could be the perfect solution for many homes for the summer but newer units often come with extensive features that can allow you to get year-round usage out of your Portable Air Conditioner. 

Summer Use

This is the most obvious time of year to deploy an AC. Taking hot, moist air out of the home and returning dryer, cool air to your room can be a blessing to many on hot summer nights. All you’ll need to do is ensure you get the right-sized unit for the room you’ll be using it in. 

BTUs (British Thermal Units) are the unit by which the cooling capacity is measured. If you’re going to be using this unit in a 425 sq. ft. room then you’d a unit that can deliver at least 9,000 BTU. But it’s not just the size of the room you’d need to consider. It’s what’s inside the room that should also be a consideration. If it’s for an office of the same size with three people and three computers (both of which will generate heat) then you’ll need to look for something that can deliver at least 12,000 BTU of cooling power. 

For home conservatories, if you work out the size of the room (425 sq. ft. for example) because of the increased sunlight trapping heat inside then you’d need to double the floor size for the calculation, meaning you’ll need a unit that has at least 14,000 BTU.

Winter Use

Not only do Portable Air Conditioners offer cooling capacity, but they can also be equipped to offer heating and dehumidification modes. The heating function takes air from the room, heats it and then using the fan, pushes that warm air back into the room. 

If you’re looking to dry your clothes inside and don’t want to use a tumble dryer or don’t have space for one, then a portable air conditioner with a dehumidifying function would be more than capable of drying your clothes often quicker than a tumble dryer whilst also being quieter and cheaper. 

General Use

Along with Cooling, Heating & Dehumidifying modes, most Portable ACs also feature a fan-only mode. As the fans in these units are generally quite large, they’re best positioned in the corner of the room to be used as an air circulator that can push air all around the room to create a cooling effect for the inhabitants.

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