Storage ideas to keep your home clutter free

Storage ideas to keep your home clutter free with Lifewit Storage Bag

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It can seem like one day you wake up and clutter has taken over your house. No matter how organised you think you are there is always something that can be put away. If you’re struggling for ideas of how to get this sorted, look no further as today we’re sharing some great storage ideas to keep your home clutter free.

Make the most of your bed

Our beds can be such a good place to add some additional storage and a great way to keep clutter out of a bedroom. You might already have a bed but are wasting space underneath. There is a lot of under bed storage available and you’ll be surprised at how much you can fit under there.

You could also go for a bed that lifts up, meaning that everything you store inside is hidden away. Storage bags are a great way to keep the space inside the bed organised and you’ll be able to find everything easily, especially if you can label the bags.

Another option which will give you lots of storage is a divan bed with drawers on either side. You could use these to keep seasonal things such as summer clothes in winter, or somewhere to storage Christmas jumpers or decorations.

Bed storage bags

Collapsable storage cubes

So many of us have furniture now which holds storage cubes. These are great because you can use them in so many different ways. You might want to use some of the shelves open to display plants or ornaments or you could choose some collapsable storage cubes to hide some clutter. Companies such as Lifewit have some great colours available so you’re bound to find something to match your decor.

Maximise your outdoor space

Sometimes we forget that we can use our gardens for storage. You might find that you have quite a bit of space outside but nowhere to store things. A shed is an obvious choice but what happens if you need something a little bit less permanent? Outdoor storage boxes are a great idea for things such as children’s toys, gardening tools and other bits and bobs you can’t find a home for. Many will come with somewhere to add a lock to you can make sure your belongings are safe.

Storage for children's toys

Utilise the loft

If you have a loft but are not yet using the space then this could be a great way to help keep the clutter organised in your home. It could be a more expensive solution compared to various kinds of storage box but by having the loft boarded you’ll gain so much space. The loft is a great place to store things like the Christmas tree (if it’s a fake one) any small items of furniture you might not be using at the minute and seasonal clothes if they’re packed away nicely into boxes.

No matter the size of your space there is a storage solution to suit everyone, you just need to find what works for you.


Storage ideas to keep your home clutter free

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