7 Fun Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Friends

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most beautiful days of the year. With love in the air and cupid shooting arrows in the dark, it is a good day to have fun – regardless of being single or with someone. 

However, most single people are perplexed about what to do on Valentine’s Day. Well, not anymore, we’ve got some amazing friends’ Valentine’s Day ideas for you. Whether you’re looking for some fun ideas to celebrate your own Galentine’s day or planning to spend the night chilling with the boys, we’ve got you covered. 

This 14th February, reserve your Valentine’s Day for friends because we’ve got 7 fun ways to celebrate this day with your gang. 

A cherry on top would be to honour this tradition with some amazing Valentine’s day Gifts and chocolates.  

1. Game Night

Hosting a game night is a brilliant idea to plan the perfect Valentine’s Day for friends. A bit of competitive spirit, some cheesy snacks and a few glasses of wine never hurt anybody. 

Bring out your favourite board games, video games or if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, head to a mind-blowing Virtual Reality Game Arcade

2. Plan A Secret Cupid And Potluck

We’re sure you must’ve heard of secret santa. Well secret cupid is similar except it’s celebrated on Valentine’s day with friends. You can simply host a Potluck dinner with your best friends and plan a Secret Cupid.

Just like on Christmas, all you need to do is pick a name from the group. Then on the Valentine’s Day potluck dinner, show up with a gift for the friend you chose and secretly exchange gifts. 

3. Host A Movie Marathon

Celebrate an amazing night with your favourite movies and your best friends. The world is filled with options. If you’re feeling romantic, watch a collection of the most beautiful Hugh Grant rom-coms like Love Actually, Notting Hill and many more.

However, if you wish to avoid all romance on this day, we suggest watching the Harry Potter Series with the girls, or watch the Fast and Furious series with the boys and cherish the bromance of Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

4. Go To A Concert

Drown out the condescending voices in your head and let loose with your friends at a melodious opera concert or a grunge rock concert.

Whatever you music preference, concerts are a great way to forget about the world and dive into the wonderful symphony of your favourite bands and artists

5. Go To Karaoke

Karaoke night is guaranteed to be a fun experience, especially if you’re drunk. We don’t encourage it but we stop you either. 

Sing the cheesiest broken heart songs at the top of your lungs or jam to the coolest rock songs with your friends. Whatever you do, the day is going to be one you remember forever. 

6. Weekend At Bernie’s (Just Don’t Kill Anyone)

Don’t worry, Nobody’s dead. We’re just suggesting a fun-filled, relaxing weekend away. Pack your bags and head to a relaxing vacation spot close by.

Get away from the corny Valentine’s Day chatter and plan an exciting and chilled weekend with your best friends. Spend some time at the spa, go swimming or go camping and ensure you make the best out of the day 

7. Binge Watch Your Favourite Series

Can’t make time to binge watch a great new series? Well, here’s the opportunity. Host a binge watching party and binge some of the coolest, most exciting series with your friends on Netflix.

This Valentine’s Day, crack open your bottles of beer and dive into the awesome worlds of fiction, fantasy, thrill and, if you feel like, romance. 


Whether you wish to explore the bounds of the virtual reality world or organise a sweet secret cupid with your friends, just make sure you have a great time. Surprise your recently broken up friends with some beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts and cards and take them out on a dinner date with friends. 

Now that you’ve got some exciting ideas to explore with your friends, our job is done. We wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and hope you have a great time with your dear friends.

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