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Sweet Treats From Swizzels

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be all about grand gestures and expensive gifts. Sometimes, smaller more thoughtful gifts can be the way to go. I think as you get older the way that you celebrate certain special days is different, especially when you have a family. You start to think about what everyone would like. Children tend to try to steal whatever present you’ve got (I don’t even get to open mine any more) so sometimes they need to be really family friendly.

Swizzels personalised Love Hearts

One of my absolute favourites as a child was Swizzels‘ Love Hearts. I always used to try to find the ones with the best sayings on them and line them up once out of the packet. Swizzels do a fantastic Personalised Love Hearts Gift Tube and for me, someone who can never find my name spelt right, this is such a big thing. Even when the tube is empty (and that won’t take long) I will be keeping it and re-purposing it.

Swizzels Limited Edition Valentines Love Hearts

This year Swizzels also have Limited Edition Valentines Love Hearts, packaged in pink! They come in packs of 30 in a special gift bag, tied with a pink bow for £9.99! Of course these are great for Valentine’s Day and the pink makes them that little bit more special.

Swizzels sweet hamper

Growing up I remember loads of Swizzels’ sweets such as Refreshers, Drumstick lollies and I remember my Mum loving Parma Violets. These kinds of sweets have stuck with me over the years and while they are a reminder of my childhood, I am also so glad that they are still around today and just as popular as ever.

Swizzels sweet hamper

Swizzels do a range of hampers ranging from £2.99 to £21.99. We were sent the 500g Retro Red Sweet Hamper which costs £7.99. As you can see, it comes packed full of a range of delicious goodies. There’s a really great selection inside the hamper and it comes packed in a fab red box. I know that Erin will be having a look inside before I even get to pick something for myself.

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  1. Love Hearts are still a favourite in our house. Although the messages don’t seem as good as when I was a lad. ?

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