Family Friendly Norfolk

Family Friendly Norfolk is going to be a semi regular feature from now on.

Since having Erin I have realised that so many places are not family/ child friendly at all, the main offender being the town where I live. The pavements are super narrow or non-existent in places, 95% of the shops in town have massive steps into them which are just impossible with a pram, especially when you’re also trying to open the door at the same time.

It’s not just towns and shops though but restaurants too. Some places just don’t have the space for a pram which means either they don’t want me to eat there or I won’t even try it, which is a real shame.

I really want to focus on the fantastic family friendly places around North Norfolk, whether it be a local attraction or day out or somewhere to go for lunch where I’ll be welcome Β with Erin and pram in tow.

If you are, or know of somewhere, that Erin and I should visit, please do get in touch. Email, get me on Twitter or Facebook or leave a comment! I’d love to discover some wonderful, family friendly places in Norfolk.

12 thoughts on “Family Friendly Norfolk”

  1. I don’t live in Norfolk, but really know how important it is to seek out family friendly places, I really need them for my two energetic kids! I think this is a great idea, good luck, I hope local businesses will engage with you!

  2. I dont live in that area, but I think this is an brilliant idea. I know that we have been to places before with the kids that have not been the best. Good luck x

    1. Thank you!! I think real reviews are really important for these kinds of places. I don’t particularly trust restaurant websites completely.

  3. this is a fab idea.. instead of focusing on the negative.. finding positive.. i don’t know Norfolk well.. and hope you find some family friendly spots

  4. What a great idea. It’s not till you have little ones till you realise that you’re restricted to places you visit. This will help so many people xx

  5. For a mug of tea,decent fish and chips,roll and butter for under Β£5 on Norwich Market.Have a dish of hot peas as a side dish.Alternatively,just buy some fresh fish and local veg and cook it yourself.

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