Everything You Need for an Unforgettable Christmas Trip

AD | Collaborative post Travelling at Christmas isn’t for everyone. Some people love nothing more than snuggling up at home with their loved ones, surrounded by all of their home comforts and luxuries. For these people, there’s nothing more stressful than travelling around Christmas time. Packing up gifts and braving poor weather conditions to take a trip, especially one abroad, fills them with dread. For others, a Christmas trip is brilliant. The perfect way to make a special time of year even more magical. There are so many great places to visit, and whether you’d

Christmas Day Breakfast Ideas

This Christmas Erin will be nearly 2 and I know that as soon as she wakes up and comes downstairs she’s going to be majorly excited. I know how tempting it will be to forget about breakfast but Erin, as well as me, John and the rest of my family have a very long day ahead of us. Last Christmas Erin took a couple of days to open her presents, which then merged into her birthday on New Year’s Day and it was never ending. Christmas Day was so exhausting that I think Erin had

Products To Make Christmas Dinner A Breeze

AD | Gifted When it comes to Christmas dinner there always tends to be one person who does the cooking. In our house it’s me that cooks. We have a tiny galley kitchen so there isn’t a lot of room in there and I hate other people getting in my way while I’m cooking. Everyone knows not to offer to help me cook because they know what the answer will be. I know that puts quite a lot on me, especially for Christmas Day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Luckily, Joseph Joseph

Festive Food and Drink Ideas

The great thing about Christmas is that you can get away with eating and drinking more than you normally would and for a couple of weeks, at least! I love having Christmassy food in the house during December so I thought I’d write a post with a few Festive Food and Drink Ideas. One of my favourite restaurants to eat at is Carluccio’s but I never really knew that they sold sweet treats and gifts as well! Not only would the Stelline Di Cioccolato (£12.95) make a lovely gift but they would be wonderful as a table decoration

Celebrating Christmas With Bakerdays & Giveaway

As someone who doesn’t like traditional Christmas cake, I find it hard over the festive season to find a cake for me. When bakerdays for in touch to let me know about their range of Christmas products I was super happy! There are so many options available for alternative Christmas themed cakes and I had such a hard time deciding which one I wanted to try. In the end, as John is a massive Star Wars fan, I decided to go with the Yoda letterbox cake. Although other sizes are available, the letterbox cakes cost

Ella’s Kitchen Jingle Belly Christmas Dinner

Although Erin has been eating since she was 4 months old, it has only been a couple of months since she started having finger foods. Erin loves food but it really does depend on her mood as to what she’ll eat. If she doesn’t fancy eating with her hands, she won’t eat. As John and I were eating a proper Christmas dinner, the plan was to get Erin to have this too. Apart from the parsnips, which were apparently amazing, Erin was not into eating Christmas dinner. She all all sorts and didn’t want any