Decorating The House For Christmas

1st December is a pretty big deal to me. No matter how excited I get about Christmas I always wait it out until 1st December to decorate the house. The past two years we have had to be really careful about what we had and where it went because we had Jackson who loved to eat sparkly reindeer! Having a toddler isn’t much easier to be completely honest. Still, I get really excited about decorating the house for Christmas and even more so now because Erin loves anything shiny and she loves stars. I had sorted out

Products To Make Christmas Dinner A Breeze

AD | Gifted When it comes to Christmas dinner there always tends to be one person who does the cooking. In our house it’s me that cooks. We have a tiny galley kitchen so there isn’t a lot of room in there and I hate other people getting in my way while I’m cooking. Everyone knows not to offer to help me cook because they know what the answer will be. I know that puts quite a lot on me, especially for Christmas Day but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Luckily, Joseph Joseph

How To Create A Festive Feature Wall & Giveaway

It’s very nearly time to decorate the house ready for Christmas and this year we wanted to do something a bit different. Our large living room/ dining room has a lot of wall space and it’s all painted white at the moment. If we don’t have large decorations the room ends up looking really plain and boring. This year, we have some fantastic festive wall stickers from Stickerscape! Stickerscape have so many options for wall stickers and I had a hard time choosing what I wanted. In the end I chose the Countdown Wall Sticker in

Festive Food and Drink Ideas

The great thing about Christmas is that you can get away with eating and drinking more than you normally would and for a couple of weeks, at least! I love having Christmassy food in the house during December so I thought I’d write a post with a few Festive Food and Drink Ideas. One of my favourite restaurants to eat at is Carluccio’s but I never really knew that they sold sweet treats and gifts as well! Not only would the Stelline Di Cioccolato (£12.95) make a lovely gift but they would be wonderful as a table decoration

Last Minute Penny Pinching Ideas For Christmas

With Christmas being less than 2 months away, it’s getting the the time where people start to panic buy, put purchases on credit cards and figure out how they’re going to pay for a Christmas they maybe cannot afford. There is still loads of time save some money so here are some last minute penny pinching ideas for Christmas! Loyalty Cards I have a Sainsbury’s Nectar card which I use on a daily basis. We live across the road from Sainsbury’s so this is where I do all of my shopping. I try to save

Christmas Shopping: Online VS In Store

Christmas will be here before you know it and just recently, I’ve been thinking about how I like to do my Christmas shopping. With Erin’s birthday being on New Year’s Day, Christmas is a very busy time of year for us and it could all get a bit manic… if I let it. I certainly can’t afford to pay for Christmas and Erin’s birthday within the space of a few short months so this is the best way for me. SwiftMoney recently surveyed 1000 members of the British public and found that 54% prefer in-store shopping, compared to

Erin’s Christmas Eve Box

I knew before Erin was even born that I wanted her to have a Christmas Eve Box every year. I don’t really know why though. I never had one. I guess I just like the idea of them. I ordered Erin’s box months and months ago, back in August I think it was. I saw them advertised on Facebook from loads of different companies but I eventually went with one from Chickitty Bridge. The box is absolutely beautiful and is so well made and finished. Although I haven’t seen any others, I am so happy

Christmas Planning

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved shopping for Christmas. Notice I didn’t say I love Christmas. Nope, for me it has always been about the planning of Christmas instead. With the exception of maybe one year, I have always shopped throughout the year for Christmas. This is something my Nanna has always done so maybe I get it from her. I think with her it’s just because she likes shopping! Most years I would have quite a few people to buy for and I HATE stress so shopping in December is just