Natural Family Company (NFCo) Tooth Care Review

Last week you may have seen our post about the Jack N’ Jill Natural Bathtime range. Well, they also have another company called Natural Family Company (NFCo) who specialises in natural tooth care products for all the family. We were sent three toothbrushes, one in a stand and two on their own, so that there was one for all of us in the family. Now, I don’t have the best teeth in the world and I have to have quite a soft bristled brush which is what these are! The toothbrushes come in mint green and white, which are lovely and fresh looking.

Jack N’ Jill Natural Bathtime Review

If I had to pick what Erin’s favourite time of day is I would have to say bath time. As soon as John asks her if she wants a bath she completely abandons whoever she is with and whatever she is doing and runs off to the bathroom. Bathtime could easily take an hour each night because Erin loves it so much. She tips out her drawer full of toys into the water before she gets in and she puts them away when it is time to get out. Erin has quite sensitive skin and has had breakouts of eczema