Family Bamboo Toothbrushes From The Humble Co.

AD | Gifted items Did you know that it’s recommended that you replace your bamboo toothbrush every 3-4 months? I know we’re definitely guilty of not changing ours often enough and we need to pay more attention to the condition and how long we’ve had them. Luckily for us, we were recently sent some new bamboo toothbrushes from The Humble Co. The Humble Brush comes in a range of colours with different bristle options. For adults you can choose between soft and medium and there’s even an ultra-soft option for children. John and I were sent

Natural Family Company (NFCo) Tooth Care Review

Last week you may have seen our post about the Jack N’ Jill Natural Bathtime range. Well, they also have another company called Natural Family Company (NFCo) who specialises in natural tooth care products for all the family. We were sent three toothbrushes, one in a stand and two on their own, so that there was one for all of us in the family. Now, I don’t have the best teeth in the world and I have to have quite a soft bristled brush which is what these are! The toothbrushes come in mint green and white, which