The end of summer

Wow, I can’t believe it’s 5th September already. It is the end of summer and it would seem, the beginning of autumn.

It feels like it was only 2 minutes ago that I was writing about the start of the summer holidays. It was 7 weeks ago that most of Erin’s classes stopped. 7 weeks ago the boredom kicked in!

I don’t think I really noticed just how much of an impact the classes Erin attends had on her. You may have read my posts about Erin not sleeping. It was only recently that I figured out that this all started at the beginning of summer. It may be coincidence though.

Erin has seemed particularly restless for the past 7 weeks. The only exception has been on Tuesdays when we went to Baby Yoga. Erin’s usual classes regularly wore her out. She had so much to think about, do and discover but not during the summer holidays. I think I must be one of the few people I know who is really looking forward to the summer holidays being over.

Our Baby Sensory class starts again this Friday and we’re moving up into the older baby class. Swimming starts again next week and we start a new class, Music in Motion next Wednesday. This is one of the most popular classes in town and we’ve been on the waiting list for 7 months! We have only managed to finally get a place because they have added more classes. I’m excited to see what it is like!

Erin and I are now busy four days a week. Our only real ‘day off’ is Thursday and we may go swimming on this day yet. The place where the Music in Motion class is held offers us half price swimming for a parent and baby session which is held on Thursdays. It wouldn’t be my normal choice of pool but it’s easy to get to and it’s cheap at half price!

It will be interesting to see if Erin’s sleeping habits change once we start back at all of our classes! I’ll keep you all updated.

13 thoughts on “The end of summer”

  1. wow you are super busy! I can’t really process yet, can’t believe summer is already finished but love Autumn!!

  2. Summer had gone by so fast for us too and we are now starting exciting new things and I am excited. Enjoy your baby classes 🙂 They sound fun!

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