The Frugal Backpacker Lifestyle: 6 Countries Where Your Dollar Goes Far

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Many people are tired of the stay-at-home lifestyle and are wanting more adventure in their lives. Backpacking across Europe is not only for the kids wishing to postpone starting college. Many adults and couples are taking to the open road for different reasons, but all are having the time of their lives. For more information, look at inspire4travel. 

Here are the top 6 countries where your dollar goes further when backpacking:

1. Madagascar

The most expensive thing about traveling to this beautiful wilderness is the airfare to get there. Once you are able to roam around, the accommodations, food, and general activities like hiking, are extremely cheap. If you love the outdoors, this is the backpacking destination for you. Enjoy a trip through the Baobab trees, travels through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tsingy where there are so many different rope bridges, ladders, and ways to get lost or visit some of the lemurs at Ranomafana National Park. Plan on spending several days in this beautiful outdoor paradise. 

2. Greece

If you enjoy warm beaches, great food, inviting and kind locals, as well as spending less money than Greece should be at the top of your travel list. There is so much to do and see, as well as simply relax on one of the many islands. Accommodations and food are going to be the most reasonably priced during the “off” season, but if you look around a bit, you can visit this beautiful land cheaper during the tourist season as well. 

3. Vietnam

This off-the-beaten-path destination is not for everyone, but most visitors will enjoy their time in this beautiful land. There is much to do and see in this Southeastern Asian country. There are wonderful cosmopolitan cities to explore as well as a variety of different lands to hike. And you can sleep, eat, and travel like a king for very little coin.

4. Budapest

This is a vibrant and historic country with so much culture, you could stay for weeks without seeing everything there is. Visit Prague or Vienna, and you can experience delicious foods, ancient customs, and stay in wonderful lodges for very little money. Be sure to plan a visit to the thermal baths for a unique and relaxing experience like no other. 

5. Central America

Most of this country can be explored for less than $35 a day, and there is so much to do and see. You can visit a wide array of wildlife along with different types of Mayan ruins. There are also many beautiful and relaxing beaches in addition to beaches that feature different sports. The cost of a trip to this area is extremely reasonable on the wallet if planned ahead of time. 

6. Thailand

This diverse and beautiful destination boasts calm and luxurious beaches as well as thick jungles and delicious foods. There is something for everyone in this olden land, and traveling by backpack is one of the most popular, and cheap ways, to explore Thailand. 
No matter where you plan to backpack, be sure to do your homework and plan as much in advance as you can. Staying in Hostels or camping can save you a lot of money, but always be safe on your travels.

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