Storytime Saturday: The Perfect Guest

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Storytime Saturday a weekly blog feature showcasing any new books we’ve been reading with Erin, reviewing picture books and talking about our monthly library haul! Basically, Storytime Saturday is all about books! This week we’re talking about The Perfect Guest by Paula Metcalf. It was published by Walker Books on 2nd February 2017.

Walter is really a very neat and tidy dog. His house is his pride and joy and he gets quite nervous when guests come round… When his best friend Pansy asks to stay, though, Walter is so excited! She’s just a teeny weeny squirrel after all, how much trouble can she possibly be?! But when Pansy tries her very best to be helpful things just seem to keep going wrong! Nothing – from Walter’s trousers to his curtains to his beloved brand-new teapot – is safe from accident-prone Pansy! Is she turning out to be the worst guest there ever was?

Walter the dog is very proud of his house. He loves everything to be neat and tidy and he especially loves his teapot. When his friend Pansy comes for a visit Walter is very happy but things go disastrously wrong!

Oh this is such a cute book! I loved Walter the dog and his very particular ways. He is a bit like me in a lot of respects. I like things to be a very particular way and get a bit put out sometimes when things don’t go to plan. My husband on the other hand is the complete opposite can be a bit destructive where ever he goes. Somehow, we manage to live in peace a lot of the time.

The Perfect Guest is a story of two friends who are very different getting along no matter what. While the story and illustrations are really fun and funny, they also help to teach children a really important lesson. The book teaches that although things may not go perfectly there is always a silver lining somewhere and to look on the brighter side of things!



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  1. That’s so lovely! Sounds like a really lovely book. Thanks for sharing it. My littlest is getting older and soon will be reading independently. I shall miss reading these kind of books. Hang on to those moments! #KCACOLS

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