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I have spent ages trying to find my perfect scheduler for social media. I have tried a few different ones now and it seems that some are good for one thing but not others. I don’t have the time or energy for switching between accounts and platforms though.  Luckily, I was introduced recently to Viraltag.

What Viraltag does

In basic terms, Viraltag can schedule social media posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. It also works with Tumblr and Linkedin but I don’t use them, or understand them actually!


Most of the best social media schedulers require some kind of payment and Viraltag is no different. Their pricing plans are mostly clearly described. However, their blogger plan doesn’t seem to be shown well enough. It is a lot cheaper than other plans so I guess this is why. If you scroll all the way down the ‘pricing’ page you’ll find a question about blogger prices. Follow the link and you’ll find out more!

Starting up

Viraltag is super easy to set up. You can connect whichever accounts you like within a couple of minutes.

Scheduling Posts

This is obviously what Viraltag is all about. To schedule a post you click on the big + on the left hand side. From here you can upload an image from a selection of places or you can skip the picture if you want to.

The uploader allows you to pick which social media account you want to post to at the top and you can also add in text and hashtags. Putting a source link at the bottom will add in a shortened link to your post!

Once you’re done you can either schedule for a specific time or if you ‘add to queue’ the post will be added to your personalised post schedule! If you want to schedule the same post for multiple times then you can go into bulk editor by cloning the post. Here, you can change times, accounts posted to and even the caption on each individual post!

Photo editor

One of the coolest features of Viraltag is the built in photo editor. On each post you can enhance, change and make your photos all fancy pants! You can have the same photo look a bit different each time it’s posted if you really want to! This saves having to alter your original photo and there are loads of options!


I am honestly so in love with Viraltag. I signed up to a free 14 day trial to see if I liked it or not but I’ll definitely be sticking with it now. It makes life so much easier and scheduling my posts and pins an absolute breeze!



13 thoughts on “Viraltag – social media scheduler”

  1. I’ve been looking for new tools to try out at work to improve our Social Media management and success! I’m gonna have to give this one a go as well!

  2. I’m yet to figure out the whole scheduling thing yet, but this looks like a fab tool to use once I find the time to get myself into a scheduling routine. I will check it out!

  3. I really need to invest in some kind of scheduler. I spend way too much time on Pinterest getting sucked into pinning (I really enjoy it, but even so), but they all seem so confusing! This one sounds great!

  4. This looks good, and the blogger price is really great value. I use social oomph at the moment and it works ok, but I tend to forget to schedule posts most of the time. If I remember to do it regularly I might look at upgrading to a paid for platform

  5. This looks really good! I’ve been trying to find one that work’s for me too, I’ll give this one a go. I’ve been reluctant to spend money on one but I think I might have to and this one seems a more reasonable price!

  6. Thank for sharing. Scheduling is one of the things I hate doing the most and it take so much time…time that I don’t have. So much to the point where I haven’t scheduled for the last few months. This looks like a great way to pick it up back up because my DA has certainly suffered!

  7. I used to be signed up to hootsuite and cancelled it, but I like the sound of this platform a lot better, especially as it seems more affordable x

  8. Schedule content to-the-minute for a spontaneous feel. Save post drafts for edits, additions or approval.

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