The social life of a 4 month old

Last week I realised that my four month old baby possibly has the best social life imaginable. Not really just for her age but in general.

Before she was born I knew that I wanted to take Erin to as many classes as I possibly could. However, it took me a while to realise that there is a lot more to do in the little town of North Walsham. I was a bit annoyed to start with because I thought there was very little to do here. Oh how wrong I was! As Erin was premature, I wanted her to have the best start I could possibly give her and as soon as I found out about a a new class, we quickly went for a taster then signed her up.

This is how Erin’s week looks:

Monday: Little Bobbers Swimming (Review coming soon)

Tuesday: Baby Yoga (Review coming soon)

Wednesday: Bounce & Rhyme

Thursday: Day at home

Friday: Baby Sensory

2016-03-25 11.56.24Saturday & Sunday: John is off work most weekends so what we do depends on spare money

Honestly, I think I get just as exhausted as Erin does from all of these activities. However if I could find something for us to do on a Thursday then I probably would.

What I find strange is that not many parents who take their children to these classes take them to more than one, apart from me and two of my friends! I never see the same people at different classes. I would have thought that people would be taking their children to as much as possible like I do but this is where money comes in to play I guess.

Having Erin do all of these activities is not cheap and we do struggle to pay for everything. Swimming is £7 a class and payable either a term or half term at a time (Plus £4.30 a week in bus fare)

Baby Yoga is £50 for 10 weeks

Baby Sensory is £70 for 10 weeks

Luckily, Bounce & Rhyme is free!

The one class in town we don’t go to is Music in Motion because there is a 4 month+ waiting list! Erin has been on it since January but still no word on getting her a place. Those classes are on a Monday morning anyway and we have swimming at 12 so we couldn’t go to both anyway.

It works out that we spend £23.40 a week on Erin’s classes and travel to swimming. That’s 2016-02-19 12.12.37a lot of money! Still, we find the money for everything because she deserves the best! Erin will possibly be behind with milestones for her age due to being premature and I truly believe that these classes do her the world of good! Baby yoga is doing wonders for her muscles and her reflux problems while Baby sensory is showing her new and exciting things every week.

While paying for Erin’s classes means that John and I have to go without say a meal out now and again or new clothes, I wouldn’t change our decision for the world. Erin is worth every penny we spend on her and she actually loves each and every class, which is the most important thing!


19 thoughts on “The social life of a 4 month old”

  1. Looks like a great mix of things to do! I always took mine to baby groups but never did many other classes, apart from Sing and Sign which he didn’t really get on with. We are making up for it now that they are older though with swimming and piano lessons, which aren’t cheap at all! I would have liked to try baby yoga, but my first was far too grumpy and would have screamed throughout. We did have a taster of a baby sensory class which was fab and I probably would have done that if it hadn’t clashed with one of our baby groups. It sounds like you both have a lovely time, enjoy!

    1. Unfortunately there aren’t really many baby groups around here. They only really start from children about 10-12 months old so Erin is still a way off going to them. I do like the variety of what we do though, each class is very different!

  2. That is a busy schedule! Our daughter didn’t have that much when she was a baby, only went to baby/toddler group in our little village. She’s five now and goes to gymnastics and swimming lessons. We only have a social life because of her! 🙂 x

  3. aw what a busy baby and mummy! I’m one of those parents that only take theirs to something once a week. I’ve got 2, a 4yo and a 4mo, so that’s my good excuse 😉 but I’d like to try Yoga for myself and for the baby! I heard Pilates is quite good as well.. xx

  4. I tried to do the same, go to as many classes as possible, but I think more for my benefit so I didn’t lose the plot on maternity leave lol. Once I made some mummy friends we tended to scrap the classes and do our own thing haha! I really enjoyed baby yoga though so kept that up! x

  5. Aww this is great I use to do the same with Monkey, Kipper is 4 weeks and I am just trying to work out what his us likely to look like to decide on the days I am going to take Monkey out of nursery. I think it’s great, expensive but great and I assure she us benefiting hugely X

  6. What a busy schedule! Toby went to swimming and baby sensory but he was a really unsettled baby so the sensory class was just awful with him and I cried most weeks! Martha gets dragged to Toby’s toddler groups now but I went to a baby art session last week with her and will hopefully start swimming too. Personally I didn’t/don’t want to go to groups every day, it’s very tiring for mum and baby! I like to spend some days just going for walks and spending quality time together at home xx

    1. I’m really starting to feel a bit burned out by it all to be honest. I think we’ve decided to stop the library class for now and see how things go.

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