Theatre review: Avenue Q

Last night I went to see Avenue Q at the Norwich Playhouse with my husband, Kirsty and her husband. I have wanted to see this show for so long now but never would have picked it in London as there is always so much else to see. At £17 a ticket, this was much better priced and the theatre isn’t huge so seats are always really good.

Avenue Q follows Princeton, a new graduate trying to find his purpose in life. On his journey he meets a whole host of colourful and furry characters on Avenue Q who help him to realise what he should be doing with his life. The story is heart-warming but rude and hilarious at the same time. The songs are catchy but not for the young. This show is only for audiences of 14 and up and for good reason. Songs like The Internet is for Porn are not for everyone but I loved them!

Avenue Q has a fantastic cast of actors who are on stage with their puppets. The strange thing about this one is that you can see them operating the puppets but that doesn’t take anything away from the show, it only adds to it. Each actor really becomes the character of the puppet with their facial expressions and body language matching what is going on in the story.

While all of the cast and characters were amazing, The Bad Idea Bears were by far my favourite (played by Joseph Betts and Emma Hume). These bears are cute as hell but so, so naughty! They would get me into a lot of trouble if they were my friends, that’s for sure!

The Threshold Theatre Company’s performance of Avenue Q was nothing short of amazing.


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