A massive change

Just lately I have really been struggling to keep up with everything; blogging, housework, going to work, the dog… everything.

As you can see I have moved my blog to WordPress and changed the name. I feel like my old blog was really outdated and I seriously hated Blogger. I didn’t actually mean to swap things over this soon, especially with the name of the blog but I sort of did it accidentally. Ooops! I don’t really understand WordPress completely yet but I am liking it so much more so far.

So, you can probably tell from the new name of the blog that John and I have some exciting news in that we’re expecting our first child!


It’s still quite early on, earlier on than I would have liked to have been posting this but what’s done is done now I guess.

Tiredness kicked in really early for me and I felt like all I wanted to do was sleep. I work pretty long hours most days and by 3pm I was ready for a nap. I couldn’t though because I was at work most of the time. When I could nap it would be for an epic 3 or 4 hours just so I could catch up. John had also decided to be a nightmare to sleep with too as soon as we found out I was pregnant. I don’t know why because he’d never done these things before but I ended up with his arm over my face, him starfishing in the middle of the bed or just keeping me awake when he was fast asleep. There were a few nights where I had to go into the spare room just so I could sleep.

We have already started planning the nursery which I am so excited about doing. I’m very pro gender neutral so there will be no pink or blue rooms. We don’t know what we’re having yet and even though we will be finding out when we’re able to, I want a very neutral room that would suit either a boy or a girl. I can’t wait to post pictures when we get it all finished.

You can expect more posts like this from me throughout my pregnancy and of course, after the baby is born!

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