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Things To Consider For Your Puppy’s Long-term Health

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Every dog deserves an owner and life companion that will not only love them unconditionally but take good care of them. Taking good care of your dog can be realized in many different ways; from making sure he or she has their favourite pillow to forehead kisses at regular intervals.

But gauging how your little buddy is doing emotionally is far easier than being able to gauge their health. Unless you are a vet or have a lot of experience raising dogs, taking care of a dog’s health can be a serious challenge. With that in mind, here are some things to consider for your buddy’s health.

Your Pup Needs Some Pup Friends

Having a well socialized dog is very beneficial towards building up an emotionally and mentally healthy dog. You need friends. Your mum needs friends. Why should your little friend be any different?

As per this study, evidence suggests that socializing your dog when they are young helps them to develop behaviours that are appropriate and well suited to life alongside humans. So, how can you find your dog some new friends?

Well, going down to your local park, or joining a local dog walking group on Facebook are good ways for your pooch to meet new friends. It is also a good way for yourself to find new friendly faces in the neighbourhood too – everybody wins!

Getting your pooch some friends is also a great way to;

Exercise Your Furry Friend

While this may seem like an obvious and moot point to consider, many people may not give their dog enough exercise. It can also go the other way with dog owners giving their beloved four-legged friends too much exercise. 

Taking note of when and how often you take your dog for a walk can help you decide if this is something your buddy needs more or less of. For example, if your dog is beginning to get older then it may be worth considering if you are walking them too much. 

You don’t want to tire them out. Walkies should be a fun time as well as being beneficial for their health!

Keep Tabs On Their Diet

The last pointer to maybe reconsider is what you are feeding your dog. Most dog owners give a great deal of attention to their friend’s diet, but even for the most vigilant dog owners, taking a regular look at how to improve your dog’s diet is always a good thing to get into the habit of.

Dogs go through phases where they will want to exercise more, and periods where they won’t. Just as a varied and interesting diet is a wonderful way to live as a human, so too do dogs love variety.

Raw dog food is certainly an avenue to consider if you haven’t already. Even if you have, taking a look at other brands and alternative raw food diets is a good way to consistently improve your dog’s wellbeing.

Bella & Duke offers a wide range of raw dog food products and packages if you are stuck for ideas!

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