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Things To Consider When Travelling As A Family By Car

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Nowadays more and more families are choosing to travel by car, whether that be in the UK or while travelling abroad. There are plenty of reasons why travelling by car can be the best choice for families but there are also lots of different things to consider. Here are some tips for travelling by car as a family.

Plan your breaks

It doesn’t matter how long you are travelling for, both you and children need regular breaks. Driving for a long time can make you tired so it’s important to be able to stretch your legs and get some fresh air, and children also need to do the same. Children also need regular breaks to be able to go to the toilet so it would be a good idea to plan these in along your route.

Care care and servicing

Before any journey you should take the time to check for any issues with your car. This could be anything from having a spare tyre, making sure the tank is full and that you have things like spare water and a first aid kit in the boot. If you want to do a more thorough check on your car it might be a good idea to get a full service. It’s so important to do some research into what kind of service you require and the garages available to do this. If you’re local in London, you could book your car servicing appointment from DAT tyres over here (020 8969 3030).

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Snacks and drinks

No one like an angry child, no matter what the circumstances. While driving, especially on long journeys, children can get hungry or thirsty at any point at sometimes a stop for a meal isn’t always possible. Having pre-prepared snacks and drinks are a great idea for both you, children and any other passengers. Make sure children’s snacks are easy enough to get to, are easy to open themselves and that there are healthy options in there too!


Unless you are travelling at night, and the children are asleep, they could end up getting quite bored on a long journey. There are plenty of ways to keep children entertained in a car though. If your children enjoy a good story, and are old enough to pay attention for a while, audio books could be a good way to spend some time. If your child prefers a film or cartoon instead then maybe a headrest DVD player is the way to go.

The entertainment you choose all depends on the age of the child really. Tablets are always a hit with Erin (as long as she doesn’t need us to help her with something) and you can always play things like play I-spy or sing songs together. I’m sure a lot of us have a favourite song to belt out in the car.



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