To the lady on the bus who can’t mind her own business

Dear lady on the bus,

I know you think you were being helpful telling me that my screaming daughter is hungry. I gritted my teeth and explained that no, she’s actually just had a bottle.

I know you think you were being helpful telling me that my screaming daughter obviously had stomach ache then. She’s got acid reflux and yes, it hurts her but no, that’s not what’s wrong.

You certainly can’t have thought you were being helpful when you muttered to your husband sitting next to you ‘She’s going to be ill screaming that much.’

Lady, you clearly don’t realise that when a baby is crying and you’re on a moving bus, you can’t easily get her out of the pram to comfort her. Do you not understand that the sound of your daughter screaming at the top of her lungs makes the mother want to cry because she can’t give her a hug.

Next time you think you’re being helpful please mind your own business. You don’t realise that you made someone feel like they were the worst mum in the world. You don’t realise that your words make someone think that other people know better when they already second guess how well they’re doing as a new parent. Next time think about how you completely ruined someone’s day and made them feel like utter crap.

12 thoughts on “To the lady on the bus who can’t mind her own business”

  1. Well said, that women needs to mind her own business and realize that children do cry. Sometimes they don’t even need a reason but you as an outsider cannot assume what the baby does and doesn’t need.

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  2. I don’t have kids so I refrain from giving unwanted advice and even if I did I would say anything which wouldn’t be useful. That woman clearly should have minded her own business

  3. It is irritating when people want to tell you what they think is wrong, especially when you’re already doing your best and they aren’t even right. I do think most people do it without meaning to be rude or upset anyone though – people seem to do it automatically without thinking it through!

  4. Oh hon, I know people stick their nose in. They think they are helping, but you know your baby. It is hard, but sometimes biting your tongue is best. You shouldn’t have too and she’s your baby you know her. Been there hon xx

  5. Oh wow. I really don’t understand why some people have to comment on things that really are not anything to do with them. Yes, if a child is being hit etc say something but in this instance its just so rude and unnecessary

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