Too early for a routine?

2016-01-23 20.35.33Before I was pregnant I have to admit I was quite OCD about a lot of things but I’m not nearly as bad now (I’m not sure John would agree). I used to be very particular about my morning routine and I know routine is really important for children.

Erin is only 7 weeks old and it makes me wonder when to start getting her in some kind of routine. We’re bottle feeding so I can roughly judge when Erin will want feeding again based on her last bottle but this isn’t the same from day to day. She’s starting to sleep for longer periods through the night and sometimes we have to wake her up for a bottle.

I’d love to get Erin in some kind of bed time routine but will she even realise if things happen at different times? Later on I’d like for it to be a bath and change of clothes kind of deal but as we don’t bathe her every night at the moment we can’t do this.

I’d really love some advice or tips from other mums if possible. Being a first time parent I sometimes feel like I’m playing a guessing game!

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  1. We got our little one into a routine fairly early as he was bottle fed too. By about eight weeks he was having a bottle every 3hrs and gradually dropped to 4hrs when I upped the ounceage. I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the e.a.s.y routine. X

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