Still a monster!

Recently the blog has been taken over by all things baby related and I had to remind myself of the title! It’s not all about Erin but also my husband John, our life together and Jackson, Flopsy and Mopsy, who haven’t had a look in for a long time now.

Jackson is now 16 months old and he’s slowly starting to calm down. When I say slowly, I mean very slowly. While I was pregnant we had a few issues with Jackson. For some reason he decided that he no longer wanted to listen to me and would be as naughty as possible while we were at home alone together. I assume it had something to do with my hormones changing. We had to send him to John’s mum’s house for a few days to give me a break and to test it out as a temporary move but it didn’t work out. Luckily Jackson came home a bit better behaved and he didn’t seem to hate me any more. Most of the time Jackson is really well behaved. We spend a lot of time at home together so he listens to me a lot more and generally does what I tell him to. He’s wonderful with Erin and is so gentle around her and we couldn’t have asked for better in that aspect of things.

Jackson’s problem is new people. He gets so excited and loves to have a new play friend but this also means him not calming down for a long time. When my mum and sister came to stay recently Jackson was a nightmare most of the time. He wanted to play constantly. We have a gate on the kitchen door so we can put some distance between him and other people but when he’s shut in there he tends to act even worse. He steals things from the counters, opens a cupboard to get into the bin etc. I was constantly telling him off and I hated it. I know he only acted up because he wanted attention and wasn’t getting it. Things like this isn’t really his fault because he is still a playful puppy and just wants to love the new people!

Even though Jackson is still a monster puppy at times I couldn’t be without him. Having him go to John’s mum’s last year was horrible and I was so happy to have him home. It’s not the same without him, no matter how much he misbehaves. Each month he gets better behaved and actually, having Erin has calmed him down an awful lot!

Hopefully in another couple of months I’ll be writing a post about how calm he is!

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