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Top Jobs To Tackle When You Move House

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Moving house can be one of the most stressful times and there’s a lot to think about. My sister and her husband have just bought their first home together and have already got to work on making some changes and making things their own. Here are some jobs that you might want to tackle as soon as you move house, whether it be rented or somewhere you have bought.


Older properties may need quite a bit of work when it comes to the electrics. When we moved into our house in 2014 we had to have a whole new fuse box put in as our electrics were so outdated. This is one of the bigger jobs that might need doing but obviously worth the work and the price. Other smaller jobs that might need doing include changing plug sockets, light switches and getting things like cookers installed!

Fuse box

Change the locks

Sometimes I think this is one of the last jobs that people think of doing. In all of the excitement of being handed keys to your new house you might forget that other people might still have a set. Changing the locks on your doors is a relatively quick and easy thing to have done and by doing this, you will know that your home is safe and secure.

A fresh coat of paint

Moving into a house full of someone else’s taste is not ideal. You could be moving into somewhere with brightly coloured rooms and you prefer more neutral toys or you might prefer dark colours instead of light. If the walls are in good condition, and not covered in a textured wallpaper, painting rooms a different colour is a cheap and easy option for making the house your own. Even if you end up painting over everything in white, you will end up with a blank canvas to then do what you want later down the line.

Interior design swatches

New floors

A bit of a bigger, and more expensive job that painting the walls, but something to consider is replacing some of the floors. Sometimes you can end up moving into a house with old, dingy carpets or lino that is outdated. There are plenty of options available and solid wood flooring is a good choice for a lot of rooms, especially if they are rooms that you spend a lot of time in. New floors can really help to bring a new lease of life to a room.

Of course, what you decide to start with really depends on where you move! What is the first thing you did when you moved into the house you live in now?


Top Jobs To Tackle When You Move House

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