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Over the past year we have been to Turtle Bay, Norwich for a few different meals. John is mad about their jerk ribs so we love to go back when we can. Just recently Turtle Bay have revamped their menu and we were invited to try out some of the new flavours.

We went for our meal on a Sunday lunchtime at 11:30. Erin tends to get hungry very quickly when we’re out and about so I didn’t want to make her wait ages for lunch. For our starter John and I ordered the Vital Veggie Platter. John is trying to stay away from meat when we go out so this was the perfect option. It was also great for trying new things.

When we ordered our food we asked for Erin’s lunch to come out at the same time as the starter. There’s no way she could have really eaten anything from our starter due to the heat of some items. The children’s menu is great and there is something for everyone on there. What’s even better is that the menu can be coloured in so it keeps children entertained too!

We ordered her the Flatbread with Fries. Last time we came to Turtle Bay she had this very same meal but didn’t eat much of it. This time, there was hardly anything left! The only thing she didn’t eat was the salad. The flatbread came with tomato, red onion and mango, topped with melty cheese.

Erin had a little accident part way through her meal, launching her fries all over the floor. The staff at Turtle Bay Norwich were amazing and replaced them without us even having to ask. They also made Erin her own little peanut butter and banana smoothie for her own cup as she kept stealing John’s drink!

We ordered our mains at the same time as our starters so we didn’t have to wait very long for them at all. John opted for the Spinach, Rainbow Beets & Watermelon Salad. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a salad that looked as beautiful as this one. We were in Norwich on a super hot day so John said this was really refreshing.

John did miss the heat from the food he normally orders from Turtle Bay in the salad. However, there are three salads to choose from on the new menu and there are extras you can add to them, such as Garlic & Chilli Pit Prawns, Cripsy Chilli Squid and Grilled Jerk Chicken Breast.

I wasn’t feeling quite as healthy as John and I ordered the Street Shack Burger with Sweet Potato Fries. This is one of Turtle Bay’s more simple means but it still packs a bit of heat with the spicy pulled pork on top of the burger!

Even though we were both quite full already, I was determined to get to try the one new dessert on the menu, the Passion Pie. We also ordered a Banana and Toffee Cheesecake because it’s my favourite.

The portion size of the Passion Pie was so much bigger than the Banana and Toffee Cheesecake so I would have felt a bit cheated if I hadn’t have been able to share. I think desserts like this should all be the same size, especially if they cost the same.

The Passion Pie is a perfect dessert for summer. The soft, fluffy meringue works perfectly with the passion fruit sauce, which is quite tangy! It was nice to have such a good contrast, especially with the pastry at the bottom as well.

Turtle Bay’s new menu really appeals to a wider audience. Last time, we thought too many options were aimed at people who loved heat in their food. Not everyone wants scotch bonnet in every meal. I think the new additions address this issue really well. Also, there are a lot more options for vegetarians. I know my sister felt a bit restricted with what she could order last time we went together but now I know there is loads that she would love to eat.

It would be nice if the menu changed again a little bit in Autumn/ Winter as I think some options, like the salads, are very seasonal.

The new menu can be found here!

Have you been to Turtle Bay recently?

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