Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I thought I’d share a bit of a gift guide. There are a couple of items here that I would love and a couple I know John would love!

mr nutcase personalised mugs*£4.95-£6.50

John drinks a lot of tea. He has a couple of his own mugs at work and I know how much he misses me and Erin during the day. With it being Valentine’s Day soon, I thought what better than to get him a personalised mug with pictures from our wedding day. Mr Nutcase offers either a standard 11OZ coffee mug or a 12OZ latte mug, which is what we have.

You are able to choose different layouts for your photos and you’re also able to change the colour of the mug as well. These are my two favourite photos from our wedding day in Florida and the mug turned out really well. I’m so happy with our mug and it’s going to be great for John to take to work with him.

lisa angel Interlocking Hearts Necklace – £89

Although I tend to wear silver or white gold mostly, I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it. The interlocking hearts are lovely and I would love to have both mine and John’s names on it with  our wedding date!

OAKDENE DESIGNS – Solid Copper Wallet Photo Card – £19

John isn’t really into anything too fussy and we don’t really do gifts for Valentine’s Day. However, he has just lost his wallet and I know there would have been a picture of us in there as well as a picture of Erin. I know that he would love to have this replaced at some point and I love the look of this. It’s a bit more solid and protected than a flimsy photo! To be honest, I would love one of these myself!

A lie in – free!

This one isn’t even a gift idea for me. If this was to be given in our house it would be me letting John sleep in. He gets up early every single day for work. He only really gets Sunday off and he still gets up early so I can sleep in until whatever time I like. Normally this is until at least 9 or 10am. I can’t remember the last time John slept in past 7am. He really deserves it.

What would be your ideal gift for Valentine’s Day? 

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