Wall Art Inspiration For The Living Room

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We live in a 1900 Victorian house and while our rooms are quite large, they are also quite dark. We don’t get a whole lot of natural light in our 25ft living room/ dining room because of the size so on the darker winter days it can be quite a gloomy room to be in.

Sadly, we can’t afford to put in new big windows, or add an extra light fitting at the back of the room so we look to other ways to brighten up the room. One way of doing this is to add wall art around the room. Hopefully this post can bring you some wall art inspiration for your living room.

Wall art

We’re not big fans of wallpaper here but that means that our walls are quite plain, and we have quite large rooms. I really like the idea of being able to change something up quite easily and a good way to do this is to add some pictures to your walls. There are various ways you can do this as well; you can use picture hooks or a picture shelf would work really well too. Fine Art America is a great place to shop for framed prints and they have such a wide selection. You can look according to subject, which makes it easy to find prints that really go well together.

Family gallery wall

Last year, after having some picture frames sat around the house, for longer than I would like to admit, I decided to finally do something with them. I started off with one large picture frame and realised that I could, in fact, put the rest up on my own. This family gallery wall (a chimney breast) had been really bare and I hadn’t known what to do with it. Now, we can look at beautiful pictures of our family every day. Most of these are from when Erin was a baby though so we might need some of the pictures changed soon.

Gallery Wall

Gallery wall

I love seeing other people’s gallery walls and this is sort of where I got the inspiration from for our own family gallery wall. I used to think that pictures on the wall all had to match, or at least be really similar. Now, I see that some of the best gallery walls are made up of really eclectic prints and images, of different colours and sizes.

Gallery wall

Travel memories

John and I have been very lucky to have been to some wonderful places on holiday, both before and after Erin was born. A  great way to be able to look back at these places is with images on your walls. You don’t have to print out photos from the trips themselves but instead, travel themed prints are a great way to look back at fond memories.

Desenio prints

Do you have any wall art in your house? What do you have?


Wall Art Inspiration For The Living Room

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