What a sh*t week!

2016-04-28 18.55.33This is so far from something I would normally post. I nearly didn’t write this post at all but then I thought about what I wanted my blog to be. I want it to be an extension of me, my life and what I’m feeling. Generally my posts are happy, excited and enthusiastic. That isn’t what this post is.

The first thing putting me in this awful mood is that Erin has had her first cold. She did not deal well with it at all and neither did I. The poor little thing couldn’t quite figure out how to breathe properly with a blocked nose while having her dummy for comfort. She didn’t sleep much for a few days, meaning I didn’t sleep much for a few days. Erin was also pretty needy which is completely understandable. She didn’t like being put down and that meant me not moving much or getting anything done.

On Tuesday night, John was sat in the spare bedroom on the bed while he was on the phone. I went in there to see him, sat down for a little while and the bed broke from underneath us. The bed is only a year old and we hardly ever use it, as it’s a spare and we only use it for guests. It was one of those beds with a pop up bed underneath it as well to make the spare bed a double or to make two beds. Anyway, it turns out the guarantee ran out last month. Bloody typical. That bed has now been taken apart by a very angry me and a hammer!

To top everything off, I’ve had the fight of all fights with my MIL. I’m obviously not going to go into any of the details about why or what etc. but I feel so drained, deflated and damaged because of it. John and Erin are the ones coming off the worst out of this argument and I hate that. I’m banging my head against a brick wall because I can’t see a way around the problem. I’ve spent days crying over it and it honestly makes me feel like utter crap. I don’t want what seems to be an inevitable outcome to affect their relationship with her but I’m afraid that it’s going to.

Now that it’s Thursday I’m hoping things can’t get any worse. Erin has her injections today and that’s not great but as long as she copes okay with them again, I will be a happy mummy. I have my fingers crossed for a better week next week.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are going through this, I know how difficult it is to speak to inlaws when your views, etc conflict. It’s harder when it’s not your parents. Lots of love and hope you get it sorted. xx

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