Tummy Time Terror

I write quite often about the different things I do with Erin and how her deveopment is coming along because of the different classes we go to. However, Erin is an absolute terror when it comes to Tummy Time and it’s the one thing I hate doing with her.

Erin is absolutely fine when we try to do Tummy Time on my knee if we’re siting on the couch but only for about 30 seconds. After that she freaks out a bit that she’s not sat up or that she can’t see me. I have tried doing Tummy Time with her on the floor so I can lay down with her but she doesn’t like that either. I bought her a play mat that came with a pillow so I thought I could use that to prop her up a bit while doing Tummy Time. Nope. That didn’t work either.

I’m running out of ideas about how to get Erin to enjoy Tummy Time and now that she’s 4 months old, she should really be starting to push herself up and showing signs of sitting up. I can see she’s quite desperate to be able to sit up on her own so that she can look around more but I guess she doesn’t quite have the strength yet.

Has anyone got any tips to make Tummy Time a bit more pleasurable for Erin?

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