What Are the Benefits of Sports in Schools?

What Are the Benefits of Sports in Schools?

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Physical Education has long been part of the UK curriculum, and lots of us can recall our PE lessons and sporting events in school with fond memories. Sports provide youngsters with a huge range of benefits, not just the fact that they help improve health and fitness and give them a well-deserved break from a traditional classroom environment. They also give them an opportunity to build upon a huge range of personal skills that will support their overall development, even into adulthood. I have teamed up with an independent school in London to explore these benefits in greater detail.

Sports Allows Children to Explore their Passions

PE lessons in schools allow children to try out a wide range of different sporting activities, from gymnastic and dance, to athletics and swimming, or the more traditional sports such as football, tennis, rounders, rugby etc. As a result, children are able to explore different hobbies and potentially discover a lifelong passion. 

Sports Help Children Become More Confident

When children become progressively more proficient at something, they receive a self-esteem boost. For instance, they may score a goal or beat their personal best, which will show them that they can do anything they put their mind to. In other words, they will experience that sense of pride that comes only with achieving a goal, helping them with their confidence. 

Sports Improves Communication Skills

Being part of a sporting team, listening to feedback and instructions from the teacher/coach, and having fun with peers all contributes to better communication skills. Tournaments and sports day also help your child feel like part of a community which will allow them to build upon their relationships with their classmates. Being a team player is a fantastic quality that will benefit children long after they have grown up and left school. 

Sports Relieve Stress

Over the years, lots of research has concluded that sport can have a massive impact on the psychological wellbeing of a child, not just their physical health. Exercise can reduce stress and anxiety, which is important for youngsters who might be feeling the pressure of exams, important decisions regarding their future, and even friendship problems. 

Sports Improve Sleep

By running around the sports field at school, children are able to burn off their pent-up energy, which often helps them sleep better at night. Sleep is important for maintain our overall health and wellbeing. 

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