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Our spare bedroom has been occupied for the best part of 8 months. However, my sister and her fiancé moved into their own house in July which means we have our room back and it’s time to start thinking about making a few changes. Although I use the room for photography and storage it also has to work as a place for family and friends to sleep when they come to visit. That got me thinking about what would make the best guest bedroom and here are a few ideas:

Peaceful colours

While I am all for having colour downstairs at home I like the colours upstairs to be a bit plainer and a bit more relaxing. I think that you have enough going on during the day so a bedroom should be somewhere you can go to relax and escape. I love the wallpaper in our spare bedroom at the minute because while it has a pattern, it’s quite subtle and beautiful at the same time. Everyone who has stayed in the room so far has complimented the wall paper!

Bird wallpaper


If your guest bedroom is quite small, like ours is, then good storage is everything. Personally, when I am staying at someone’s house I don’t want to live out of a bag or a suitcase. I want to be able to hang or fold my clothes up nicely, especially if I am staying for a few days. I think the addition of a small set of drawers, or small wardrobe can really make a difference to a guest bedroom. Something like this can help your guests to settle in and make them feel more at home.

A comfortable bed

I am so picky about my own bed so I would hate for our family or friends to sleep on something uncomfortable. Our spare bedroom isn’t very big though and even a small double bed takes up a lot of space. Furnish Your Home have so many lovely guest beds to choose from and most of them come with a trundle bed underneath. As a single bed, they don’t take up too much space but the trundle bed makes it possible for 2 people to stay instead of 1.

Emma Bed And Guest Bed


We have made the mistake in the past of having a bed too big for the room, having too much furniture and there just not being much space to move around. Feeling cramped is awful so although a great guest bedroom needs a bed and storage, it also needs to have some space to move around. Sleeping in a room filled with ‘stuff’ can’t be very relaxing or peaceful.

We have some of these features already in our guest bedroom but a new bed is the next thing t get. What would you say is a priority for a guest bedroom? 

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