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What To Buy As A Housewarming Gift

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My sister has been living with us since December after being made redundant and her fiancé moved in a couple of months ago. Yesterday they picked up the keys to the house they’ll be renting so that means that today they are moving out! Moving house can be an expensive and stressful time but it’s really nice if family and friends buy a housewarming gift. Today I’m sharing with you a few ideas for what might make a great housewarming gift.

Wired Fruit Bowl

Something I remember needing when we moved in to our house was a fruit bowl. It seems to be one of those things that everyone needs but also manages to forget about when buying things for the house. I love this Wired Fruit Bowl from Red Candy. It costs £18 so not overly expensive and a nice price for a present. As you can see, it has a lot of room and can fit in loads of fruit. This would look great anywhere and the colour makes it easy for it to be in a room of any colour.

After a long day of unpacking a nice glass of wine is probably needed. These LSA Coro Wine Glasses from Red Candy cost £26 and are available in different colours so there is something for everyone’s tastes. If you’re not sure what colour someone might prefer then these with a coloured base is a great way to go. Of course, it might be nice to take these over to the house with a bottle in hand too for you all to share!

Bee Calm Large Candle

Wherever you’re moving to, or who you’re buying for, candles are always a lovely idea. As I said earlier, moving can be such a stressful time after packing, and unpacking again so the Bee Calm Large Candle (£24) from Beefayre could be a good choice. This candle is made with essential oils of lavender & geranium and promotes tranquility and harmony. Not only is the glass beautifully printed but the candle has around 65 hours of burn time so it will last for ages too.

One of my personal favourites at the moment is the Rhubarb and Raspberry Large Candle (£18) which is also from Beefayre. I really love the printed glass which shows fruit and bees and the smell of this one is just delicious! It’s fruity and fresh but not too sweet and it reminds me of being in the garden. The Rhubarb and Raspberry Large Candle has a burn time of about 50 hours. Beefayre sell so many different kinds of candles in various scents as well as products for the body, bath and health!

Wax Lyrical

Wax Lyrical are also a brand selling lovely fragrance gifts. I really like this New Home fragranced reed diffuser which only costs £7.99. I think this is a great idea in place of a traditional new home card as there is space inside to write ‘to’ and ‘from’ and it’s something that won’t get shoved to one side after a couple of weeks. This diffuser has a fresh fruity fragrance with hints of green apple and grapefruit on a base of flowers and musk and is sure to make anyone’s new home smell absolutely wonderful.

If the person you’re buying for has moved into somewhere with a garden then Boxwild have some fantastic offerings for gifts. Boxwild sell gifts for bird and nature lovers which describes my sister really well. She hasn’t lived somewhere with a garden (apart from living with us) for quite some time now and I know she’s really excited about it. Boxwild’s gift can include everything you need to get started like the one pictured above. This set includes a bird feeder, 2 bags of seeds, a seed scoop and a cute paint your own feeder house which would be wonderful if you’re buying for a family with children!

Sticking with the garden themed gifts I think this Varese Low Bowl Planter from Stewart Garden is really lovely! My sister has had succulents on our kitchen windowsill since she moved in but this would be a much better place for them. The planter measures 60cm in diameter so it’s pretty big and will hold a decent amount. This can be used both indoors and outdoors and costs £31.99. There are more planters available in the Varese range too so you can always add to a collection if you want to!

I’d love to know what you’ve bought before as a housewarming gift, of what you like the most from these ideas. Let me know in the comments! 


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  1. These are all great ideas for housewarming gifts.. and a few things I never even would have thought of. I love the look of the candle, though, it’s a bit pricey.

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