How To Create The Perfect Family Summer House

How To Create The Perfect Family Summer House

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A summer house can be an amazing investment for your family, especially if you’re just about to enter a holiday season and your kids are going to be off school for a long, long time! Thanks to interior design specialists Amtico, I can bring you this short guide on how to create the perfect family summer home.

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Experiment with plants

It can be tricky to get plants right in an actual house, but a summer house might be just what you need to grow your own indoor gardens! Hanging plants and creeping vines make excellent decorations that don’t get in the way, and a small planter of fruit seeds can give you something fresh to nibble on.

Don’t keep things too natural

Nature has a time and place, though, and letting the modern world into your garden can be a great idea. Why not set up some electric lighting? If that goes well, you could try so many other things: speakers, a small television, Wi-Fi or even a complete workstation for those in the family that want to work somewhere stress-free.

Prepare for parties

Summer houses are perfect for family celebrations, being an excellent place to serve food or catch up on recent events. Make sure you can accommodate a decent amount of people – one chair might be fine on a day-to-day basis, but keeping some foldable chairs (and maybe even a foldable table) can help you set up a full dining room in a matter of minutes!

Keep the kids in mind

It can be very tempting to turn your summer house into an adults-only seating area, but children can get much more use out of the sheltered space – they won’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain and having to leave all their toys to get soaked.

An easy-to-open chest for a dedicated selection of outdoor toys means you can pack them away when needed, too – combine this with some vinyl flooring for safety reasons, and they’ll be able to enjoy the shelter to its fullest!

Take your kids camping

Buying a tent can be expensive, but most children love the idea of staying up late and hanging out somewhere that isn’t their bedroom. Adding a few sleeping bags to your summer house’s stockpile of toys and games makes it the perfect place for an impromptu camping session – and if they get tired or want to go back to bed, the house is only a short walk away!

Redesign it when it’s empty

Summerhomes won’t be used as often in winter (unless somebody likes to include it in their daily routine), so you’ll have a great opportunity to give it a fresh coat of paint or some new gadgets and gizmos. Your kids will love the first day of every summer holiday, when they finally get an excuse to see all the new things they can mess around with.

Keep it clean

A summer house is just like a regular house – it can get dirty and dusty easily. Be sure to clean it out, and make sure that there’s some bins to put the rubbish in. There’s nothing more embarrassing than showing off a dirty summer house at a party or family event.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. 

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