What We’ve Been Watching: October 2018

What We’ve Been Watching is a monthly feature where we talk about everything we’ve been watching over the past month. It might be something on Netflix, Sky or even just a DVD we’ve had for years but wanted to watch again. If we’ve been watching something new we’ll talk about that too!

*May contain spoilers so read with caution!

AHS: Apocalypse

American Horror Story is one of my all time favourite TV series. Although the past couple of series haven’t had the best reviews I have really liked every one in their own way. The new series, Apocalypse, is already amazing and I was hooked after only a couple of seconds.

This series, even only after 4 episodes, seems to have gone back to it’s dark routes and reminds me of Murder House and Asylum which were 2 of the best. It’s surprised and shocked me already and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the series has in store.

Big Brother

With this being the last series of Big Brother, I felt like I had to watch it. I know there is a chance that another channel or Netflix will pick it up again eventually but for now, it will be over soon.

I wasn’t sure about this series to be completely honest. I wasn’t sure if I liked the people enough but slowly I have become hooked and have been choosing to watch this over other things. I think John will be happy when it’s finally over so it can stop taking up so much time. Right now, I’m hoping that Zoe wins!

Killing Eve

This one seems to be dividing people over on social media. I am watching on BBC either on the day an episode airs or the day after so I haven’t seen it all, even though it’s on iPlayer. I only really wanted to watch it because I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fan and wanted to see the actress who plays Christina Yang in something else.

Killing Eve has been such an exciting and different series for me to watch and I actually like making myself wait to see what happens each week.

X Factor & Strictly Come Dancing

Reality TV/ TV competitions are my guilty pleasure and I love when it gets closer to Christmas because it means there is so much to watch.

I am loving X Factor this year because I think the talent is so amazing. The judges did a great job of picking the acts for the live shows and it’s great to see so many original acts and original songs again.

With Strictly, while I love Dr. Ranj, I think Ashley or Faye will end up winning and I wouldn’t mind that. Both of them have been so impressive so far and I wish I could dance even just a little bit like any of them.

What have you been watching for the past month? Let me know!


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