When You Find The Perfect Pen

I’m the kind of person that still loves to write things down with a pen and paper. I have so many notebooks I could probably start a small shop and my pens are colour coded in a lovely organiser. I have always been a fan of stationery and it’s not something I see going away any time soon.

Back in May when I attended Blog On for the first time, we were given pens in the opening session. The minute I started writing with that pen I was made a happy woman. You see, I’m really quite picky about the pens I use and when I find one I really like, I don’t write with anything else. I know that’s really obsessive but some pens are just horrible and scratchy to write with.

So, that pen I was given was a Platignum Tixx Needle Point Roller Ball Pen in blue (it does also come in black) and it comes from Snopake

I know some people will be reading this thinking how on earth can someone write about a favourite pen. However, when you find something you really like, do you not buy it over and over again? Well, this is how I am about a pen.

I was super lucky recently because when I attended Blog On again in September, I met the PR guy for Snopake. The very lovely man laughed when I told him how much I loved this pen and he stocked me up with a few to keep me going for a while. It’s strange how sometimes the smallest thing can make you the happiest, but this really did.

I do feel as though I should probably buy a big box of these just so I have a stash in case they are ever discontinued.

Do you have a favourite pen?! I’d love to know if you’re as picky as I am. 

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