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When you have children you know you’re going to end up having to buy presents for both them and their little friends. As Erin is under 1 (JUST) and has made her friends in baby classes and groups it means that their birthdays are all very close together. Not only that but Erin’s birthday is on New Year’s Day so her, and her friend’s birthdays are all right on top of Christmas. This means a lot of presents needed in a short space of time.

I hate to buy people, even babies, the same things so I’m always looking for inspiration.

Wicked Uncle, ‘the home of brilliant children’s presents’ is exactly that!

When you reach the homepage you’re able to choose who you need a gift for. You can choose from girls, boys or all and also by age. There is also the option to choose from types of presents as well.


The website is so easy to navigate and that’s exactly what I need when looking for presents.

I really don’t like buying gender specific toys so I love that you can choose ‘all’. Wicked Uncle doesn’t really seem to do that too much anyway actually. If you searched for ‘girls aged 1’ you certainly won’t be met with pages full of pink toys!

After ordering I received an email with a tracking number. There was also a link to a website where I could track the order. Delivery came through Royal Mail (£2.95) and didn’t take very long at all. The products I ordered were well packaged and there was no huge advertising signs on the box if you’re trying to be discreet about what you’ve bought.

With £40 I think I did really well. Wicked Uncle have presents for all budgets really but I went for 2 slightly more expensive items.

Wicked Uncle gifts

The Aquadoodle pad came up in a ‘age 1’ search while the Kinetic Sand was under the ‘sensory’ heading.

I am so impressed with Wicked Uncle. I loved how easy the website was to use, the items they sell are quite different to the regular high street toy shop and delivery was fantastic. I’ll definitely be using them again when I need more gifts for Erin’s friends! 

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  1. I’ve heard really good things about this website. Having children that go to endless birthday parties it’s always handy having a website like this to help with the gift ideas!

  2. Even though I never heard this website before, it seems perfect for Christmas, I have so many little cousins and I always struggle with gifts. Im gonna check on it right now as it’s nearly Christmas.

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