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Work from home tips to keep you productive and healthy

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Work from home is a safe choice now so that we can finish our tasks without fear of being contaminated by the virus if we are still working from the office.  Good home environment can make you more productive during a pandemic that requires you to work from home. Many factors can affect our quality of work such as the lighting, the barrier such as linen curtains, and also the ambience of your working area. Is it good or bad? Here’s the tips to keep you productive and healthy.

Room and lighting

Lighting is very important to provide you with a good environment during the work day. Natural lighting can be provided by the sun. It can make your working room brighter and all of the details of the room decor will be shown. You also can adjust the natural lighting  by putting some linen curtains that you can set the wide and length of the curtain to get maximum or minimum lighting when you pull out the curtain. In other words, it can block the excessive sun rays, Lighting can regulate temperature better in your room, so the sunlight will be exposed to your room indirectly, and make the room healthier because natural lighting can eradicate most bacteria and viruses. If you are being exposed to  dim light or too much artificial light will make you sleepy and also more stressed in the long term. 

Stretching and eating

The other tip to keep you  productive is to focus on stretching when you are working. It could be a stress reliever as well for you because if you give little concern to stretching your body, your body will become awake, so you won’t be sleepy or lazy to do your task. Stretching can improve your performance quality and quantity because the active body can make a healthy mind too.

The other thing that you must be concerned about is to eat clean and healthy food. You are what you eat, so if you eat a bunch of not healthy food, it can mean that you are not healthy. In other words, if you eat healthy food and maybe some vitamins or energy drinks too, it can mean that you are healthy and make you be more active. Healthy food means it has enough carbohydrate, protein, vitamine, and also minerals in one set of food. 

Keep your work systems safe

Most of us working from home usually do so on some kind of computer or tablet. This could mean being connected to the internet all day long, using services and software on a regular basis. Sometimes, I don’t really know what these different kinds of software do, or what they can do the my computer. Luckily, there are other people that do.

Penetration testing services are like having a friendly hacker on your team. Imagine someone really good who can find weak spots in your cyber defences, but instead of causing trouble, they give you a heads-up so you can fix things before the bad guys get in. These pros use all the latest hacker tricks to test your systems, networks, and even your staff. It’s not just about poking around for weaknesses, though. They give you the full lowdown on where you’re vulnerable and how to beef it up. So, it’s like a health check for your cyber defences, making sure your digital fort is as tough as it can be against real-world cyber baddies.


You must have enough sleep the night before because it can affect your performance in work if you are sleepy or don’t have good sleep quality. The bed sheet also affects the quality of sleep. Linen fabrics are usually more comfortable than the other kind of bed sheet. It helps you bring an enjoyable sleep experience because it is soft and warm, so your sleep quality will increase. 

The other tip that will make your work from home experience more comfortable is separation of family and work needs. If you work from home, you must try to focus on your task, do it on time without the burden from elsewhere, including your family member. If you are in an online meeting, please be in a different room with your family member, because it can be a distraction if your family is strolling around behind your back and it can ruin the focus of your partner in an online meeting. Beside that, the loudness that your family member can have will affect the online meeting too because you will not focus and you can not speak clearly during the meeting. You also must have a plan and make it on time, hence the working time and family time will balance. So, it is important for you to separate the room and also the time.


Good environment to work in is important to increase your performance quantity and also quality. You can start by choosing the room that has the potential to be a working space, it must have good lighting and it better be natural lighting from the sun. The other things you must do are stretching during the break, and eating healthy food because you are what you eat and finally don’t forget to plan all of your work related activities and do it one time, hence you can do family time after work and be prepared for the next day.

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