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10 Fun & Educational Activities for Your Children

Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Combining learning with playing is the ultimate goal for spending time with your kids. Bonus if you can do something that everyone enjoys, too! We try to mix up the games and activities we do with Erin so she can learn new things and perhaps find a new favourite interest. Since kids also tend to get bored easily, having a few activities up your sleeve makes it easier for when a shift is needed. 
Here are 10 fun and educational activities to do with your kids:

1. Play with an interactive language app

Learning a second language is a skill that your kids will always be thankful for. You can make it fun by incorporating language learning into your child’s favourite activities as well as by using a language app. It’s a way they can use technology, but for educational purposes. For example, Babbel is an easy to use app that makes language-learning fun and breaks it down into bite-sized pieces. You get the first lesson free and you can choose to learn Spanish for example, or any other of the 161 languages available. 

2. Counting and math games

Counting and math games encourage kids to use their problem-solving skills. If your kids are young, you can start with counting animals in a book and then adapt the games as they grow older. When you teach your child how to count, try using colourful toys and having them count how many there are of each colour. Physically touching the pieces can help with the learning process! For further help, you could try organising an interactive maths lesson for your children. 

3. Play an instrument

Chances are if you introduce music to your kids at a young age, it is something that will enjoy for the rest of their lives. You can play an instrument together, make a game of creating music with objects you find, and practice with each other. If you want to introduce them to formal lessons, they can continue on with their music skills! 

4. Play with clay/make pottery

Playing with clay and making pottery are ways your kids can use their hands to create something and have a final product. It is fun (and a little messy!), but also a wonderful way to create memories together. 

Child playing

5. Do a science experiment

There are a lot of cool at-home science experiments you can do with your child that they will always remember! A couple favorites to try are making a volcano and making a lava lamp. You can find a lot of fun ideas online… choose one together and get to experimenting! 

6. Play memory games

Memory games help kids develop their memory, concentration and thinking skills. If you make them fun, your kids will be more engaged and willing to play along! You can make a game of anything, from what their favourite meal was from last week to all that you did yesterday. If you want a proper game, try brain box games. Memory games such as jigsaw puzzles help kids develop their memory, concentration and thinking skills.

7. Plant a garden/garden

Getting your hands dirty and gardening is a way you can have fun and teach your children about where food comes from. It is also a science lesson waiting to happen! 

8. Learn geography/draw maps

As you learn geography, you can also dive into local culture, etc. This is a natural and interesting way to expose your child to other ways of living and expand their minds. This will help them to be more open-minded and aware of the world outside of their own direct environment, too. Make it fun by learning about a place, perhaps cook a local dish, watch a show or program based there, listen to local music, and read an educational and fun book. 

9. Cooking/baking

Cooking and baking is a way you can have fun in the kitchen and teach your kids about nutrition as well as how to cook. It is an activity your kids will be thankful for in the years to come as well, as they feel more confident in the kitchen to make healthy and nourishing meals. Just be sure to start with safety tips! 

10. Photography

Photography is a creative outlet and it encourages kids to see the beauty in everything. It is a way that they can capture the world through their own lens and express themselves. 

There are only some of the many activities you can do together! What educational activities do you like to do with your kids?


10 Fun & Educational Activities for Your Children

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